Colleen’s Friday’s Mission

Colleen’s Friday mission is to declutter an item of your choice and spend 10 minutes thinking about it. Why you are letting it go and what other similar items you have around the house that you could also declutter.

(Yes, observant ones, I skipped Thursday’s mission as I have no time saving devices I am willing to declutter.)

So here’s yesterday’s item:

A fancy-schmancy book. I bought some Folio books years and years ago. Like many people, I bought them because of the deal in the magazines. And I do use the reference books that hooked me. But actual the Folio books? Well I’m not going to have a library – there’s one up the road. And I don’t need my shelves full of books already read and not going to be re-read in the near future, especially when I have other books lying around waiting for their spot on the bookshelves

I thought about selling some of these on eBay but I really couldn’t be arsed. I’ll just take this to the second hand book shop and exchange it.

And when I have time, look for more to go.


5 thoughts on “Colleen’s Friday’s Mission

  1. Recently I have been selecting a non fiction book at bedtime from my shelves to do a quick review and found that many can now go as the information in them is old or I only refer to part of the book in which case I will photocopy / scan those pages for future reference and pass the book on to charity. I have a habit of feeling I might need that info one day but I would probably google it now anyway before looking in a book! I think this mission is great though – thinking about why you bought something in the first place and why you don’t use it – it seems key to not repeating the same habits in the future. Happy decluttering Lucinda:-)

  2. Ooh, that is a fancy schmancy book and I understand the lure of reference books in the house. You have done well to stare it down and deal with it!

    I’ve been wondering what to do with the Encyclopaedia Brittanica set that I paiid actual money for last year ($50 for an early 90s set, I think it is.) I loved the idea of having non-internet, properly referenced research materials in the house for Mr. 10 to use (and even for him to learn the ancient art of using an Index.) But now that I’ve bought them, he cannot easily be lured into using them. I need to work up to getting rid of them but I wonder now who will take them? (Op Shops refuse!)

    • I’d probably want to keep the Encyclopaedia B, if only to dip into myself. But I know no one wants them anymore. They are so good to teach accuracy, reliability, credibility. Then again if I was moving, or putting my house up for sale probably best to get rid of them. Sad as it may be, they are just paper to be put in the recycling bin. Having words printed on them by a machine doesn’t give the paper innate worth.

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