Archive | May 18, 2014

Colleen’s Saturday mission: sentimental clutter

Colleen’s mission for Saturday is to dclutter an item “of your choice and spend 10 minutes questioning the sentimental attachment to other items you own. Consider whether these items really matter or whether it is just the excitement evoked on the rare occasion that you unearth them.”

Here’s something that was decluttered:

It’s a broken lid holder from my slow cooker. The plastic is cracked and it cannot be re-attached, so why did I put it in my kitchen drawer rather than straight in the bin? No idea! And that’s how clutter can accumulate. Out of sight, it sits there and more things are added, until the cluttered kitchen drawer is overcrowded and the useful lost among the useless.

Now as to sentimental clutter, I have a large chest full of photo albums and momentos from my 8 months’ backpacking trip to Europe, a trip done over 20 years ago. And yes, the items don’t really matter. The brochures, ticket stubs, postcards, they all could go and I would not miss them. I don’t even really I know what’s in there anymore. But on the rare occasion I do open the chest and unearth some brochure, the memories come flooding back.

And frankly, until I become a regular overseas traveller, I will be hanging onto these physical reminders of my only solo adventure, one that I loved and would do again, if I was a 20-something. The freedom, the fun, the sights, the culture, the food, the alcohol, the friends made.