Archive | May 19, 2014

Damn you, privet!

Unusually warm weather (“Global warming! What global warming?” say our Tory leaders across the globe.) has meant the plants in my garden do not know they should be slowing down.

In my optimistic state I thought I would have “degardened” (aka as decluttering the outdoors; the more prosaic among us may just call it overdue weeding) most of one side of my back garden by now, and be ready for planting.

But no! It’s been much slower than I hoped and slightly slower than I more honestly planned. All manner of obstacles have got in the way of gardening – death, taxes, work, court case, reading, rain, lunches out, holidays, TV/movie/DVD watching, bad back, red wine/beer/bubbles.

Anyway, this weekend I tackled another sneaky privet plant. It tried to camouflage itself among my mock orange hedge, and, except like the cuckoo, it grew too big for its home.

Another green bin filled!

I wish I had some beautiful vistas, cause the before and after photos would not show how much work I’ve done.

One day, dear readers, one day!

In the meantime please content yourselves with some flowers from my garden. (If we focus on the detail, we can forget the big picture.)




And then there is the prolific lemon bush. Neglected, never urinated on (nitrogen, you know), never pruned, often overshadowed; still it produces.


That photo was taken after I picked masses of lemons, a shopping bag full to share at work and a centre piece for my table.


And although the photo of the lemon bush doesn’t show it (couldn’t get the right angle) there is at least two more shopping bags’ worth of lemons.

I wish I had time for a vegie garden!