Archive | May 20, 2014

View from a window

Yesterday I had to travel to the city for a meeting that went for the whole day.

The day was longer – metaphorically – than my normal day. Technically my work day is said by the “powers that be” to be seven hours and if travel was added in I’d be away from home for just under eight hours; my real work day is about nine and a half hours with travel adding about 45 minutes. Today was about eight and a half hours including travel. But the day felt longer because I am not used to sitting at length in an air conditioned room where I cannot open the windows and feel fresh air.

But there’s something to be said for travelling to a different site – and using a different form of transport. I normally drive to work, and the journey takes me anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes, depending on traffic. While the train trip added an extra 40 minutes each way to my journey, I always love the view as I cross the bridge. (What bridge? you ask. Only one bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge.)

Today was a beautiful day – clear and warm. The morning view of the Opera House is always cheering.

And the view from the room was equally cheering. Simply gorgeous.

Can you spot the little harbour in the shot below?


And here’s the Anzac Bridge.


The skyline of the CBD, including the Sydney Tower, which will always be Centerpoint Tower for me, as I’m old-school.


Have I said I love the trip over the bridge? I like the view to the west, without the Opera House, just as much as the one to the east.


Looking west at the reflection of the sun:


And the boats in Lavender Bay, just next to Luna Park:


Time to type this post, and read a few blogs, and then I’m home. Much more productive travel time than sitting in the traffic in my car. Although I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, a change is as good as a.

Do you get to mix up your travel or work sites? Do tell.