Our Friends in the North

I loved this series. Can see why it made it on some list (hey, it’s on Wikipedia so it must exist) of top British TV shows.

It’s a little, actually a lot, bleak and gritty. But has great scripts, brilliant acting, and some good music.

Some random thoughts:

Random thought 1: Tosker’s a tosser.

Random thought 2: As a Sydney-sider, that bloody copy in small of our bridge, messes with my mind when they have it in the background, which is often. Bloody Geordies. It’s our bridge, an’ all. (See, those in the know will know I’ve appropriated the Geordie ending an’ all, just as they appropriated my bridge.)


Random thought 3: Long hair on men is so unattractive. Compare the two:



And it is not because he is all suited up. Look! Here he is in a suit with the long hair.


(OK, maybe they are bad wigs and hair pieces.)

But what’s a TV show to do when some of it is set in the 70s? (Hair, hair, flow it, show it, long as god can grow it.) So I forgive the ugliness as it is a requirement of authenticity.

Random thought 4: Love the line to a snotty, pompous woman: first throw a tissue and say, “Here, blow your nose. It’ll make it easier to look down at people.”

Worth the investment of time.

9 thoughts on “Our Friends in the North

    • Noooo. Never. Told Mr Sans he is lucky I met him after he cut his hair or I never would have went out with him and he wouldn’t have married the lov of his life.

  1. I’m so pleased you loved it. One of my favourites. I loved spotting all the great British actors and pondering over which films or series I had seen them in before. And I loved your random thoughts. So pleasing to know there are others out there like this!

    • Just Googled him. No. Haven’t changed my mind.

      Just quietly my husband had long blond hair – way past his shoulder – before we met. He was a surfer. So glad he cut it before we met. Some things are non- negotiables.

    • Blond, long hair photos are all at his mother’s. I won’t have them here – only allow things of beauty in my house.

      I wrote the Belgium chicken dish as I cooked. Wished I did the same for my first ever roast leg of pork with fennel seeds and fennel bulbs. It was so yummy (and I normally hate pork) and the gravy was the best ever. Now I can’t remember what I did. Made it up as I went with a couple of recipes for inspiration. That’s the benefit of blogging – helps keep some ideas safe.

      I will give it a try next time the local butcher has leg of pork for $4.99 a kilo. Bargain. And then I made Jamie Oliver Pork ragout from the leftover – enough for two dinners and a couple of lunches. Quadriple bargain.

    • Oh, and with the roast pork I had enough gravy for Mr Sans to use with a steak dinner so he didn’t open one of those supermarket microwave gravies. How frugal am I?

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