I chose to get laid.

Why do these stump me?

I can never remember whether I want to use chose or choose. Yet when I see it written by someone else I know if they have it wrong.

And I can’t get lie/lay/lain/laid/lying/laying. I will have to look it up or write a convoluted sentence to avoid using any of them. And if it is so important, why is the past tense of lie, lay? Do you think that was just a nasty trick by someone who was trying to have a lend of us? I know I’m not alone:


And those bloody bare bears! Have I lain my heart bare? Or laid bear my heart? I have to think twice or thrice until I pick the right bare/bear with the correct lain/laid. It all doesn’t even bare thinking about.

Thank god for Google, I say. Everyday, in small ways, Google saves me having to show moments of weakness or not seeming to know it all.

I’ll keep this post handy for future reference:



13 thoughts on “I chose to get laid.

  1. I remember in my year 12 final (state wide) examinations, we had to write two sentences… can’t recall the words though! The year prior though, they had to define or choose a meaning to yield. Seems the less educated were STUMPED and shouted loudly about it – I haven’t forgotten their word!!

    I still struggle with dessert and desert – though learning French did make is a little easier. I saw the weirdest mis-spelt word recently, let me see if I can find it. Gah I can’t find it, but it was glaringly wrong at the time!

  2. I like the lay/lie page! They don’t seem to teach things like verb tenses, transitives / intransitives, pronouns etc. I loved learning all that through French. Choices like the tenses of ‘lie’ only make sense after you’ve learned transitives / intransitives in French. (That said…what is the past participle of “learn”? “learnt” or “learned”?!) < note interrobang moment

    • So modernity is working its magic – you’ve been affected by change and evolving language mores? Unfortunately the interrobang isn’t on my iPad keyboard so I have to make do with ?!

      My problem with writing the right word of a confusing pair is less not knowing grammar and more just having a blank in my brain with some words, just like I forget my own kids’ names. See I would/do just forget which one is intransitive and which isn’t, and which is the participle etc etc. Basically, why have so many variations of the one word, and with crossovers between the transitive and intransitive verbs?

  3. Yes!! I understand completely. Google has rescued me many times too. I usually just avoid the whole lay/lie business and use other words. I do the same for effect/affect if I can’t be sure I’m using the correct one.

    • Isn’t it funny how we all have words that our brain just can’t get remember or we just can’t “get”? I have no problem with effect/affect but know that lots do. This is a pair that just seems so obvious to me, but I do double check bear/bare every time I write, unless, of course, I am writing about the animal!

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