Madeover May Miscarriage

Yeah, by no definition, however liberal, can I be seen to have been healthy this month.

Bad food, lots of chocolate and alcohol. Poor sleep patterns. Not enough exercise.

Those dastardly scales tell the tale of my Misfire May!

Better luck next month!

Cheers to that, I say.

And on the subject of cheers, let me share my latest find: a lovely, drinkable drop from France.


And what do you spy in the background? Yes, the Aldi catalogue that Mr Sans peruses for the zillionth time while knippering on nuts, prior to dinner. (Oh, how I hate schmutching and knippering. The k is not silent! I don’t know if this is just in my family, and is a corruption of German, but schmutching is munching and other sounds of eating like sucking in, and knippering is the cracking sound. Drives me mad! Though Mr Sans would say everything drives me mad.)


6 thoughts on “Madeover May Miscarriage

  1. Ah, so I’m not the only one who’s told ‘everything drives you nuts’ (or some variation on that theme).

    I did weigh myself yest (being Wed – and two trash bags today, Thursday…) and I was up a whole 1.2kg on last week. Finally the bad eating habits have shown themselves on the scales. To june?

  2. I had way too many sweets and salty snacks this weekend (we hosted a party and attended another for Memorial Day). Then my work had a big appreciation lunch yesterday (pizza, candy, and cake) so I’m ready for a fresh start too!

  3. I just think my scales are broken. Must be. I definitely need to look into replacing my current cask wine with the French one…!

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