Challenge accepted; challenge achieved

I should have realised I could only do one challenge at a time.

Yes, I failed my Makeover May, but I prefer to see it as having my attention elsewhere.

And that elsewhere was on blogging.

In case you didn’t notice, I have been prolific. An entry a day.

Hope some of my scratching brought a smile to your face, or a giggle, or even a guffaw and a spluttering of your morning cup of tea. And that other scribblings inspired you in some way.

“Just get good sleep June”, will mean I will not be writing in the middle of the night, after waking up from a few hours on the lounge. It will also mean I will do some reading. One can’t have or do it all. And this month family issues, work and blogging has taken my time, with some socialising and DVD & TV watching, of course. Next month I will replace the daily posting with some reading, and seriously read down my house.

And seriously get some better sleep patterns.



4 thoughts on “Challenge accepted; challenge achieved

  1. It’s been great…I love it when blogs on my reading list have a solid burst of blogging! June might just get a little colder and be all set up for winter reading!

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