Lifts the heart

Just had to share this:


We have rain – at last. I walked in the rain. The sounds of drops falling through the leaves in the bush was simply beautiful.

Walking down the hill on the way home, I had a perfect view. The setting sun lighting up the tops of the tall gum trees, with the sky dark towards the east and a perfect rainbow.

From my street I couldn’t get the whole view, but here’s some footage:

Just click here.


12 thoughts on “Lifts the heart

  1. What a gorgeous photo! I thought we might hear your voice on the video there – but no clues!

    How great is it to get rain after months without. Enjoy!!

    • Ahhh, I’m a woman of mystery!

      (Won’t put my voice to tape. Does your voice sound like you think it sounds? Mine is more mellifluous in my head than in the troposphere.

      • Ugh – no, I really dislike my voice! Kids at school keep recording me on iPad inadvertently while we do speaking assessments. Best PD ever, hearing yourself recorded “as is” in the classroom!

        You are a woman of mystery but I keep vaguely wondering if we might ever have crossed paths in the teaching world when I lived in Sydney!

    • The first time I was recorded in class was in my first prac at uni. Yes, very good pd. teaching you how to modulate your voice and mannerisms.

      If you ever came to Sydney, I am prepared to reveal myself IRL, just not on-line. Teaching is at once a small world and a big world.

      • Yes, I value blog anonymity like you. But I’d do an IRL meet up with people in the industry. Too tempting to ‘talk shop’!

  2. Gorgeous rainbow!! Don’t tell anyone I know, but I like the rain. We get far too much of it (sometimes every day, all day for a week) so by liking it, I am accused of bringing it on. As if I had such grand witchy powers.

    • I love rain. Good reading and napping weather. Perhaps not everyday. But my camellias at work are dying. 😦 so they’d like a bit more wet stuff.

      Do you get regular rainbows?

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