Winter work frocks

I find there is a real problem with winter dresses in Australia.

They either have no sleeves! Yes, I know. Unbelievable! Why have dresses made from wool, made for winter with no friggin’ sleeves.

Case in point, this dress.


It is made of wool so too warm in summer, but no bloody sleeves. Was there a shortage of the material?

Or the winter dresses are really open at the neck. Yes, so my bloody chest freezes.


Look I don’t want to get all old lady fuddy-duddy, but can we have a nice cut. Long sleeves, cinched at the waist, collar, buttoned down so I can do it up or not as the situation allows, warm material. Not much to ask, is it.

Look at this coat worn as a dress!

I really like this. The photo doesn’t do it justice. (Well, it’s more my non-model stance. How am I meant to stand to show off a dress? I just can’t strike a pose.) The dress is quite striking, crisp and elegant.

It’s how I’d like more dresses to be. And the cut suits me. But this is only cotton,so not really warm. And it is a coat, so I use safety pins and Hollywood tape so it doesn’t open at the bottom or I’d be flashing bits that shouldn’t be flashed in public.

Really that’s all I have in the way of winter dresses. I resort to wearing coats over my non-winter dresses and boots or skirts and tops in winter.

Quite depressing. If I find what I see in my mind’s eye, I am buying it no matter the cost.

And for the observant of weather in my neck of the woods – yes, we’ve finally had some crisp mornings – 8 to 12° when I leave for work.

Like dresses? Pop over and see my work dresses or my casual summer dresses. I’ll share more dresses, including my party dresses and new purchases soon.


15 thoughts on “Winter work frocks

  1. Ah yes, I can only agree. The only option to me seems to wear a cotton long sleeves top under them, but then what grown woman wants to be wearing a pinafore?

  2. I’m with Sarah; that first dress looks like a “jumper” to me, that you would wear with a blouse underneath. The second one is lovely but like you, I would feel too cold and always need a wrap with it! And I love the “coat dress”!

    • Only jumpers worn here are “real” ones, ie a knitted top worn over clothes for warmth. Lol.

      Thank you – I do love the coat dress. Looks good as an open cost over jeans or a black shift dress too. Sometimes I wish I’d bought two of any item I love, so when one wears out, I have a replacement. And this is one of those items. But then I know that I’d change shape or my tastes would change.

  3. So annoying. I don’t wear dresses in the winter because tights don’t keep my legs warm enough, and I also need more than one layer up top. But my boss wears dresses all winter with a suit jacket/blazer over top, tights, and boots. Not as flattering as the dress alone, but at least then a wool dress can actually be worn!

    • I don’t wear any skirts or dresses down the snow. Only jeans or leggings or ski pants, so I kinda understand. Though that is also because I have to wear hiking boots to trudge through the snow. (They don’t plough the roads at the resort.) And the boots would look silly with skirts. I wonder if I’d wear dresses to work if it was seriously cold?

  4. I love the wool dress and wouldn’t mind wearing it over something. It is a curious concept though. The second dress would drive me batty; that would be instant disqualification from my wardrobe! The coat dress is très chic!

    • The wool dress is lovely. The photo doesn’t do justice to the colour. On the down side it is a very slim/tight fit and I have to wear “sucking-in-fat” underwear. But I look long and slim in it. I generally wear a wrap top or a cardie or a jacket. Shame the simple lines of the dress get covered.

      The second dress has no lining so needs a under-garment or it shows all lines (of undies) and rolls (of fat). Another reason for it to go. But not for a few years.

      And thanks. Yes, the coat is stunning. The other day as I left for work, my neighbour who is out most mornings, commented on the coat-dress. He’s never commented on my clothing before. When an Aussie bloke notices the clothes, rather than the woman in it, you know it is something special.

    • I tend to wear separates more in winter too. For me it is less walking in and out of a heated office, and more that we have a huge difference in temperature. So it can be 5° when I leave home and get up to 18° early afternoon. One needs layers to cope.

      Still a winter dress would be nice. I could throw over a coat in the morning and whip it off at lunch time.

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