Happy Birthday


I’ve said it before, gotta love a public holiday.

So happy birthday, Liz.

Hope you get some cake!


What it’s not your birthday? Well, I’ll be blowed. Don’t tell our Liberal government or they may cancel the day off. (Then again you may be happy to know the PM has put your pictures back up in all the offices of Parliament House. At least it is acknowledging that you are our head of state, not the G-G.)

Even if he cancelled the public holiday he wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to hand out honours in your name. Do you know he even returned giving out the honorifics: Dameships and Knighthoods?

No matter that I’m a republican. And I don’t believe that the luck of birth should entitle one, nor limit, restrict and condemn one, to be a ruler. Happy birthday, Queen of Australia and other assorted countries.

Whatever, she does have a good line of coats and hats.


Where do you stand on the monarchy thing? Do tell!


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. We celebrate on the third Monday of May, a public holiday. Otherwise known as the weekend you plant your gardens and/or go camping. I giggled that Rom had to pledge allegiance to the Queen to become a Canadian citizen. I don’t know if the UK should have a monarch, but I like that Canada has one. Very hands-off and ceremonial. I like that the UK and Canada parted ways amicably and maintain cordial ties. But the real reason I love the Queen is that for me, she represents the good values of her generation. The class system of that era shouldn’t survive, but I wish the civility would.

    • My mother had to pledge allegiance to the Queen too when she took out Australian citizenship but she was from a non-Commonwealth country. Funny that someone from the UK has to though.

      I always say I embrace dichotomy. I like the Queen but I am a republican. We had a referendum to be a republic. It didn’t get up mainly because the republicans split over the model of republican head of state. I’m happy for the current system to stay while the Queen is alive. I don’t want an elected head of state; I think the government does a good job appointing the Queen’s representative and could just keep doing so.

      • We have a Governor-General too, who is one step removed from party politics, and has surprisingly often been an inspirational person like Adrienne Clarkson or Michaelle Jean.

  2. How good is it to have that extra ‘recovery day’ off work? Absolutely love her shoes, frocks, hats and coats. Enjoy a day of rest!

    • Oops – missed the question on the monarchy. I’m kind of a fan of the Queen. Few people have worked so hard in public life. So long as the link is largely symbolic, I like having that link to our heritage.

    • Yes, agree on both fronts – love her coats and happy for a ceremonial/symbolic link. Remember the link is symbolic as you queue at Heathrow while non-Commonwealth citizens (“Don’t mention the war”) walk through customs without waiting.

  3. Like the day off, let’s be serious here.

    Monarchy – it’s a figurehead thing – here and in the UK. I mean she goes to stuff, and she’s constantly ‘busy’, but she’s really not making any tough decisions when you think about it. Sorta like most monarch these days – poor Thailand – always a coup, you’d think having a king would straighten out the fighting kids!

    • Yes,but it being a figurehead only because of birth is something that seems unfair – on both sides. Being born and forced into it and not letting others be in the running.

      And yes, poor Thailand. Something about men with guns – they can’t stand not having power!

      • True – it does suck to grow up thinking ‘I can’t do this or that, I’m going to run this joint when I grow up’ – though on second thoughts, many more people could probably use that sort of logic to be well (or better) behaved 😉 But I suppose it still means nothing, effectively, so all those ‘running’ are in the parliament. Now, if you were to tell me the Lord system (as in their version of the Senate – the House of Lords) was and is hereditary, then yes, I agree, illogical and stupid.

  4. The fact that she is amongst the highest recipient of agriculture subsidies in the EU appeals me- even though I am not a supporter of agriculture subsidies.
    And she is not even a farmer! Mercy…

    • I didn’t know that! Looked it up after your comment, love learning something new. So we can thank the tax payers of Europe for supporting our monarch! Lol.

      I suppose she is an absentee landlord-farmer, owning all that land.

  5. I am in favour of our Queen she seems a wise person after many years at her job and she is totally dedicated. Her role is as a representative of UK and Commonwealth etc and not as a political one. She has to work with whichever party are in power and advises them but cannot make public comments. After seeing the work of many Dictators and Presidents around the world I think having a monarchy is a good thing and quite stabalising. I don’t mind the fact that she is born into it as like many people I would not want the job or responsibility or restricted freedom for my life. Now as Kate as shown you can marry into the ‘family’ these days if that is what you want!

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