Spaghetti Marinara


Apparently seafood divides the masses.

At the Sans we are fans of prawns, octopuses/octopodes, muscles, calamari.

No recipe for tonight’s feast, Spaghetti Marinara, as Mr Sans cooked it. (Actually, he is the cooker of most seafood in the house.) Onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots. Cook them altogether. Add seafood for a little bit. Sounds about it.

We are spoilt. Australian prawns and muscles. (OK, our black muscles are not as good as Kiwi Green-lipped ones.) We eschew prawns from China and Vietnam; they lack flavour and there are too many horror stories of how they are farmed.

But if I had my druthers, I’d have stir-fried sweet chilli octopus. Too good!


8 thoughts on “Spaghetti Marinara

  1. Before I became vegetarian, I’d eat seafood – prawns (we call them shrimp), crab, lobster, clams, scallops, and fish. My parents would usually grill shrimp, scallops, and fish, while crab, lobster, and clams would be steamed. And I had fried calamari at restaurants a few times. But seafood is expensive compared to other foods, so it was a rare treat. Glad to hear you enjoyed your feast 🙂

    • Seafood’s a treat here too. Except we can now get Chinese and Vietnamese prawns. I don’t buy them. Too many horror stories of how they are raised and processed.

      We don’t have clams. Don’t think I’ve ever eaten them.

  2. Seafood is abundant here on the coast; growing up I always liked white fish such as haddock, halibut, cod and sole, but not the oily fishes like mackerel and smelts. I never developed a taste for shellfish and some I have an aversion to, but I could always manage steamed mussels.

    • I’m the reverse – love shellfish but never got into fish. I think because my mother never cooked it. And I don’t feel confident cooking it myself.

      We have different fish to you. One I like, that is popular here, is barramundi (but is called a seabass outside Australia).

  3. That looks delicious (and very healthy.) My husband uses a lot of seafood in risottos as well. They are some of his best, to-die-for meals. Calimari is nice but a bit hit-and-miss in restaurants, depending on whether they’ve got the cooking time right (not rubbery and tough!)

    • If you sold your husband’s seafood risotto as paella, I’d fly on down. But I can’t stand risotto – just soggy rice to me. But paella!?! Heaven.

      It used to be so common to get stringy, tough calamari but I find most seem to et it right now. It’s the batter that now varies so much.

  4. I love octopus (mum hates it!), and prawns are common when I go to the parents place. I never buy prawns. It’s just too hard to get them right, and I have also read about horror stories. I do like mussels too.

    • Stir-fried sweet chilli octopus is the best!

      To get prawns right, buy Australian prawns from a good fish shop. Expensive but you can’t go wrong. Tasty, sweet, plump but not plumped up with water! Mix some mayo with tomato sauce. Sit on someone’s verandah with a beer. Perfection.

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