A quick trip around the sun

I was looking through the photos on my phone (which I have never printed off – and forget about the current fad of making photo books – let alone uploading to a computer, though some have made it onto Facebook) and I found last year’s snow trip photos.

And here we are again!

Last year’s view:


(This year we are actually staying in the building in this shot – top corner window.)

And there were photos on my phone from last year’s annual conference for the professional organisation to which I belong.

And this year’s conference has come and gone.

I haven’t shared with you my photos from my trip to NZ, and I am about to book my next one! (You may remember one of my goals was to use my cameras, get better at taking photos and uploading them. Well, that goal has been filed somewhere.)

I do think our orbit’s getting faster.

That may be why I haven’t done my tax (for years)? Do you think the tax man will buy that excuse before he locks me up?

And on more important business, My Year of the Garden, we are almost half way through and I haven’t finished deforesting the back yard. I think I may have to cheat on this one.


6 thoughts on “A quick trip around the sun

  1. My husband hadn’t done his tax and after reading about your tax dilemmas I was reminded to get on his case. Well! We scored a ginormous refund (right before our trip!) You never know, you might be in for a pleasant surprise once you put it in!

  2. I also have tons of photos on my phone that I don’t do anything with.

    Mr. G and I pay to have our taxes done professionally because tax laws vary by state and his situation is too complicated for me to tackle. But we’re also motivated because we always get a refund, and sometimes it’s a couple thousand dollars! Yay!

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