Cabin fever?


I’ve just spent a week “down the snow”. For most people this means skiing. “What! You’re not skiing?” Nah, not skiing. Very content to sit and enjoy the setting.

This is the first time that Mr Sans and I have come down the snow alone. For two days I didn’t even leave the room.

A week in a one room holiday flat together and I realised many things.

  • I enjoy Mr Sans’ company.
  • I enjoy my own company.
  • I can stay in the one room for days without going stir-crazy.
  • I like quiet. No TV in the morning. No arguing kids. No computer games. No other people.
  • Give me a book and I’m in heaven.
  • I need to have time away from people, from responsibilities, from noise.
  • I enjoy the time away from my children – not having to mediate arguments, not having to listen to their noise, not having to answer their demands, not having to deal with their mess, their selfishness.
  • I own too many things. I can go one week with just a few items of clothes, books, food and drink. Having a break from all the possessions, clutter, things that need attention, that take up visual space is great.
  • People really annoy me. Just watched a kid of about 9 mindlessly destroy a very cute snowman, that many people have stopped to take a photograph of. The mother of the vandal watched her kid. Said nothing. Did nothing. Didn’t make him fix the carrot back in place. Didn’t make him readjust the knocked off head. Actually mindlessly isn’t right. He had sheer delight in wrecking something. And the mother did nothing. In people’s defence, another kid came along and tried to fix it. Still mess, noise, destruction, selfishness. It’s nice to have a break from these things.
  • My soul feels restored. My mind at peace.

    And I am very happy that I am content in my own company and that I enjoy Mr Sans’.

    Four more days to go. The week has gone too quickly. Thankfully Mr Sans booked for 10 nights. I couldn’t imagine leaving for home today. I’m just not ready.

    This looks like heaven to me:


    Except for the hard work, I quite like the idea of a Little House on the Prairie break. Perhaps it is because my usual existence is so hectic, so frantic, so busy, so stressful, so full of responsibilities for others, that this break is heaven. But I do wonder how long it would be before I succumbed to cabin fever?

    How would you go in a one room holiday flat with one other person? How long would be long enough?


    10 thoughts on “Cabin fever?

    1. You certainly sound as tho the break is doing you good – the lack of ‘responsibility ‘ as well as sharing it with someone special obviously is helping. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

      As long as I’ve plenty to occupy myself with (or choose not to occupy myself with) I’m quite happy. I wouldn’t mind the solitude, wouldn’t mind the lack of space, the lack of activity or even remoteness – just one thing must be right and that is the temperature. The heat won’t bother me but if it’s cold ( indoors or out ) I’m a real misery and it wouldn’t matter how many people I spent the week with I’d still be a misery lol. Better to be on my own in those circumstances!!

    2. What a feel-good post! Glad you are enjoying your stay. Two questions: Are either of you spending much time on the computer? And are you making your own meals or eating out? Whenever Rom and I travel, we go to a city and go out to see the sights all day. But I do like spending downtime in a B&B, chatting and reading and snacking! I like Rom’s company and my own too, but Rom never goes off and does anything on his own when we travel, so it is togetherness 24/7! Would you like that? I don’t mind the cold outdoors as long as I am cozy indoors. I wouldn’t be spending too much time outside on your vacation (although walking to work in the winter did build my tolerance).

      • This is Mr Sans’ ski holiday, and he is out on the slopes every day for about 6 or so hours. In the middle of the day he comes in for lunch and a sleep. So we are not together all day. I brought my iPad and am on it a bit but Mr Sans doesn’t get on it at all He disconnects by listening to music through ear plugs and he has been reading too.

        We haven’t eaten out at all. We will do for the last two nights. We’ve been done to this village for many years and frankly the food is overpriced (as everything is down the snow) and not much chop. Being from Sydney, we’re spoiled. Suburban restaurants are cheap and plentiful and good. I have enjoyed cooking every night. More cowboy cooking – putting things together, not cooking from scratch. The supermarket here is small but good.

        I think the thing that might surprise you is the weather. It is not that cold here. During the day it gets to 2°C, some days 5°. And with the sun out, it is really hot. I had to remove layers yesterday when skiing as I was hot. I skied without a beanie. At night it is generally -2°, but wind chill can make it feel like -12°.

        I would like to do more walking but it is too difficult in the snow and ice. And the snow has been plentiful this year so it is extra hard.

        • Sounds like a great trip and the weather seems quite bearable! I can say on your blog but not on mine that spending some time on separate interests would be nice 🙂

      • My initial response was, “But we’ve. Even together for over 20 years.”

        And then I realised that we’ve always had our separate interests. Mr S has always been into physical activity. Nearly every day of our marriage he has disappeared to do something – swim laps, ride bikes, lift weights. And I have my interests. So on holidays we do our own things mixed in with couple things mixed in with just hanging together things (when you’re in the same room but doing your own thing – normally Mr S disengages by listening to music, me by reading). Both being teachers we have lots of time together.

    3. Looks absolutely wonderful.
      I agree – I have times when people just annoy me. The vandal child and mother would have really, really annoyed me.
      But…I dispute that this post should be tagged as blithering. What about #mindful?

    4. So glad you are enjoying the break 🙂 My parents started going on trips by themselves when I was about 13 (I’m the oldest). They liked it so much they started going on a trip without kids every year.

      I feel a lot of your same sentiments about kids after we leave a big family party. They’re so rambunctious and messy! And I can’t stand the whining and arguing. (I sound so pleasant, eh?)

      I’d be happy in one room with Mr. G as long as I had some books and we had cards or games to play. But to stay inside every day? Hmm . . I think I’d end up going on a few walks. This past vacation was 9 days and I could have easily stayed longer. 🙂

      • Amanda, Mr S and I are late learners! We spent every holiday with our kids until last Jan’s trip to NZ, though we did have an occasional weekend away. Actually, our kids dropped out before we said no more. Mr S was actually sad at least one son didn’t want to come with us. (We wouldn’t have been in a one room studio if we brought a kid.)

        I actually only spent two days without going out. Most days I’ve gone for a walk, caught the one free chair lift to another part of the village, looked through the clothing shops, visited the supermarket. Just a little bimbling around. And just quietly, yesterday I actually skied.

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