I didn’t ski because

Because the weather was too nice. How could I miss sitting here, enjoying the view, drinking bubbles and reading a book?

View from my balcony:


View of my balcony with ice bucket provided free:


Because I had books to read and a tan to work on:


Because the weather was too poor:


Because I’ve done it before and I’ve skied enough in my life but I haven’t read enough books.


7 thoughts on “I didn’t ski because

  1. Honestly, I’m with you – who takes a holiday to work out and get sore? (ok, the GC Half was an exception!!!) I miss the hot chocolates of yesteryear, are you ahead on calories with the bubble 😉

    Another week you say – well if you’re going to be cold, you may as well have snow, I say!!

    • Mr S is action man! Even though he has hurt himself, he will still ski every day. Me? Sedentary is my middle name.

      As to calories. I have removed all knowledge of calories from my memory bank. So cannot say if I’m ahead. I will not enter into the guilt of calorie counting. Really, I know I’ve consumed more than I need. But my well-being, my mental health, is up! Win some, lose some.

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