A good day was had by all

Am I internally contradictory? Am I inconsistent?

OK, yes. I nod in self-recognition.

I borrowed Mr S’s goggles and hit the slopes yesterday. It was bucketing down.

And heaven! Like sliding on icing sugar. Soft. Quiet.

I wish I had my own googles. I would have been out for much longer! Up and down; up and down. Purposelessly! Mindfully? (Well, I was mindful of the lift ticket that I bought and thought I better make use of it. Glad it made me head out instead of staying inside for another day.)

And no queues! Jumped straight onto the chair lifts.

Look at the home run. You’re looking straight up it. (Photo taken this morning from the back stairs of our block.)


And last night’s photo of nature’s swizzle sticks. The stripes are snow falling. Exciting for Aussies. Snow, that is. And icicles.



10 thoughts on “A good day was had by all

  1. You’re right, as an Aussie, those icicles excite me! I’m so glad you had an enjoyable day on the snow (and like you, I wouldn’t want to waste that pricey lift pass!)

  2. Saw the big Falls Creek dump on TV last night – thought of you and wondered if you had been out topping up your tan. Turns out you were lol
    Snow does have an ‘ ooh look at that ‘ fascination doesn’t it – until the reality sets in!
    Take care

    • Cathy, it is beautiful. And I can honestly say I wasn’t cold. In fact I find the rooms overheated. I turn out heater off at night and sometimes open the window. And out of the slopes it is all about being in appropriate gear. Walking to the bus, carrying the luggage, I was so hot I undid my jacket and had no gloves and no hat.

    • We were so lucky altogether, Dar. No snow the fortnight before we went. Looked like we were going to have a non-event. Then there was a huge dump a few days before we left. We get there and there’s lots of sun and then more snow!

      And where can you ski straight into your accommodation? And only one day had queues.

  3. The seasons work brilliantly for this – by the time winter rolls around, I’m excited for snow (and definitely icicles) all over again. And no lines, how lucky! 🙂

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