Do you think you’re drinking a bit too much?

Short answer. Yes.

It has crept up gradually. A few drinks on a Friday night and weekend.

Then it moved to “school nights”. Just a glass while cooking dinner. Or just a glass before dinner. Or just a couple with Mr S on the back verandah.

Before I knew it, every night was a glass or two or three.

And alcohol and cooking dinner went together like a cuppa and a bikkie. I’ve broken the tea and something sweet nexus, have to break the habit of pouring a glass when cooking. Wednesday night I really noticed that habitual feeling. I was cooking and didn’t feel like a drink at all. But I felt that twinge. You know the one you get when you haven’t done something that is a habitual part of your routine, like leaving the house in the morning when you haven’t brushed your teeth? Or driving off and feeling something is wrong and realise you haven’t buckled up your seat belt? Or the twinge you get when you are not giving into some bad habit, like biting fingernails?

It is not a yearning or desire for alcohol. It is a habit that wants attending.

Just thought of a novel solution! If my family took over cooking, I wouldn’t have that connection. Yeah, not going to happen!

So as part of my continually evolving journey to gorgeousness and healthy living I am cutting alcohol Monday to Thursday unless it is a special occasion or holidays.

Success so far? Last week. Tick. And that included a dinner out. And this week. Tick.

What about you? Drink too much? Developed other unhealthy eating habits that stem from habit rather than conscience thought and decision?

20140727-094841.jpgOur wine rack. Made from horse shoes!

8 thoughts on “Do you think you’re drinking a bit too much?

  1. That is not my particular vice, but having sweets after meals, or between meals, has been an ongoing issue. I even had to set myself a rule to never have sweets before lunch. And by sweets, I don’t mean a muffin or a biscuit, I mean candy and ice cream!

    • Never tempted to have sweets before lunchtime. No desire for it. In fact, the thought of ice cream in the morning makes me squish up my face. My need for sweets spot is in the afternoon and after dinner. Mr S actually likes ice cream before dinner! Seems wrong to me too.

  2. I have plenty of unhealthy eating habits, though mid-week drinking is not such an issue. One thing we found from being in France though is that the poor quality of food in Australia is part of the issue. You eat an amazing meal in France and don’t feel like mid-morning snacks. Eat a bland, cardboard meal of cereal here and it feels like you haven’t properly eaten…cue the cycle of snacking on other food.

    • Ahhh, a few more years of teaching, and a promotion, and you may have a mid-week drinking issue. (I prefer issue to problem.)

      While I am sure the French do meals better than collective us, the Sans family eat quite fancy meals nearly every night. We rarely have meat and three veg. So rare in fact it becomes a treat. And never have cardboard cereal. Though I am partial to porridge. But not a big breakfast, cooked or otherwise. Unless I can go back to bed and let the food digest.

      Tonight’s dinner: stir-fry chicken, red capsicum and Spanish onion with sweet soya sauce and a sprinkling of other Asian-y style sauces, wrapped in tortillas with lettuce, tomato, coriander, and sweet chili sauce. Last night was pasta carbonara with salad. Both meals cooked by my sons.

      • I have my son in the kitchen tonight as well πŸ™‚ Hopefully by the time he is bigger he’ll be a competent cook.

        I really think if I stay in teaching too much longer that there is no doubt at all I will be having a nice glass or two with dinner. Still…the French do that too. Again though, I think their wines go down more lightly than ours!

  3. I really like your wine rack! I don’t drink much alcohol because I’m a lightweight (get drunk easily) but habits are tough for me to break. Usually I just replace them with another habit (when I stopped biting my nails, I started twirling my hair, then I cut my hair too short to twirl, and starting playing with my rings). I’m glad to hear you’ve had 2 weeks of success!

  4. I had someone’s son in the kitchen tonight – and he’s had wisdom teeth out (hope my mum in law doesn’t think I’m slack, but I was folding washing and ironing… my part of the deal!)

    Great success to date – and perhaps linked to the holiday? Just wondering? I know I don’t generally drink much but the BF encourages me to more! I mean, I’ll rarely suggest a drink to him of an evening, and my idea of a horrible flight would be getting my fill of booze (but tried plum wine on the way home, and sake on the way there).

    Like Dar and FIona – I LOVE sweets, and have put on about 3.5kgs in eating far too much junk away – but it was great. So many meals were bought at convenience stores, as that’s what we were guided to do, and who can pass up unknown delights such as cream puffs – not for b’fast mind you though!!

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