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Do you have a rag bag?

You know how I am decluttering?

Well, I approach it with a haphazard, occasional moments of furious action, kinda of way. Interspersed with periods of inactivity. Long periods of inactivity. But I am decluttering.

Anyway, what to do with clothes that are not good enough to donate? You know charities spend vast sums disposing of people’s rubbish. Crap people donate because they don’t want to pay the disposal fees but kid themselves (actually they probably don’t kid themselves, that’s why they donate after hours) they are donating for “the poor”.

So we all have clothes that are worn out, stained, holey, beyond repair. Maybe just tired. But still not worth lumbering charities with.

I could just throw them in the bin.

But my long buried greenie-within shouts out that that is not right.

So those that are cotton or cotton-blend I put in my rag bag.

Before you call me on simply transferring my pile of clutter from one room to the next, hear me out.

I repurpose the cloth. Often replacing single-use items that are bought specifically to be used and thrown away.

I cut up torn sheets, and T-shirt material, to be used as kitchen wipes. Some last a little while as a kitchen cloth, replacing Chux-style wipes. Others squares replace kitchen paper and are used once for manky jobs and disposed of immediately. OK, they end up in the bin and landfill finally anyway but I’ve cut out the single-use item and extended the use of the cloth. I can’t remember the last time I bought Chux wipes.

Today’s cut up pile from two T-shirts and a nightie:


Other old clothes I use around the house for cleaning windows, dusting and polishing furniture.

I leave some in my car to wipe down windows and mirrors wet from dew in winter or for wiping up spills when out and about.

Some I give to Mr S for bike repairs. A messy business, apparently. But maybe that’s just my man. (Push bike not motor variety.)

Thrifty and green. Many things you can do to be green can save you money. It works the other way too – be thrifty and you may be looking after the environment.

Do you have a rag bag? And do you repurpose the fabric from old, beyond donation, clothes?

My clean cloth pile: a mix of bought micro-fibre and old towels and clothes: