Returning to the fold: handkerchiefs

Look! Look what I have put in my work bag!

Following all the comments on hankies, I have decided to rejoin the world of hankie users. Frugal, and better for the environment.

OK, I have put mine in a re-sealable plastic bag, which isn’t that green. But if I didn’t my hankies would get mixed up with all manner of things, scrunched at the bottom of my bag, collecting ink from the hundred of pens there, attaching itself to a lost and melting Mintie, absorbing odours like old bananas that get carried to and from work when they are forgone at recess for more tempting morsels.

All these things have rendered hankies unusable in the past. Ergo the plastic bag. Which will also make transferring hankies into the hand bag easier.

Now there will be no blowing of snot. For that I will adhere to health messages.

But for dabbing of tears, drying hands after eating an orange or such like juicy item, spot washing the face after some messy, gooey food, consoling a fellow in distress. Yes, a hankie will do the trick.

An ironed hankie of course. The trick will be done with some style, if not panache.

So thank you. Peer pressure has done good!


13 thoughts on “Returning to the fold: handkerchiefs

  1. There is just something about carrying a hanky that makes you feel ‘prepared for anything’!

    p.s. love the description of your work bag contents – sounds just like mine (right down to the Mintie!)

    • And I don’t even buy Minties!

      I know it is time to clear the pens from my bag when I run out at work. Just don’t know how the pens find their way to my work bag and hand bags.

  2. Oh I’m glad you saw the light and are not hankyless any more 🙂

    I did mean to respond to your manky hanky post but got caught up ironing The Golfers hankies from the past week. Clean ironed one each day for my dearest – pain in the you know what as far as his nose wipers are concerned. I’m not sure what he actually does with them because they always have a used look about them when they end up in the wash basket but if he’s happy that’s all that matters.

    Like lots of ladies of a certain age I usually have a lady sized one in my bag, as well as a larger gentleman sized as well as tissues lol. Haven’t had a cold in years but one needs to be prepared doesn’t one!

  3. OK, I am going to be dipping the toes in with you here. I have seen the light. Will be adding hankie to bag now, in the mintie-free zippy pocket, along with the band aids and panadol. It will be part of my mobile first aid kit. Characters in old novels are always bandaging each other up with hankies, aren’t they?

    • Yes, a hankie – big, man’s white one that is – always seem to be used in old books, like Blyton, to save the day. Or a broken leg.

      Nearly a week down and I haven’t had cause to use my hankie, except as an item of conversation.

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