Fantasy-self clutter

Do you have stuff that you hang onto because you think you want it but it doesn’t really fit into your current lifestyle. Let me try and put that a better way. Stuff you have to lead the life you dream about but know will never lead. Stuff that goes with your imaginary self, your fantasy self.

For example I use to have two picnic baskets. They belonged to the image of driving into the countryside, stopping by a field, unloading a picnic table and a basket with cutlery, crockery and white linen and a second basket full of delectable morsels. But we don’t have fields you can stop by, and when we picnic we generally walk a bit so carrying a heavy, awkward basket was never going to happen. One basket has been repurposed to hold towels in my bathroom.

I have craft materials for my fantasy self – the lady who has time, inclination and skill to do some crafting. Yeah, right, like all those three are ever going to happen. Facing reality, I decluttered much of my craft materials, but I’ve hung onto my cross stitch patterns. Silly really, ’cause three of the cross stitch thingies I finished have been waiting to be framed for over 20 years. And three are waiting to be started since …mmm… can’t remember, but it is years. And one I started for my mother over 15 years ago hasn’t been touched for at least 15 years.

Well, I have just bought a series of books that are for my fantasy child self. What the? I have bought books that I don’t really want to read again, just so I can have them!! Why, when I am decluttering books I have read and will be unlikely to read again?

21 paperbacks!

It’s the fantasy me I wanted to be when I was a kid. To have the complete series of Famous Five, Secret Seven, other Enid Blyton books, Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables, Little House. But books were so expensive back in the day.

So here they are.

I don’t really know where to put them. My book case is filling up with DVDs because Mr S and his sons are also collectors and want to own every DVD they watch.

At the moment the books are resting, are in transition, on my chest of drawers as I think where to put them. And every morning I look at them and am reminded on the folly of buying stuff for your fantasy self, especially your fantasy childhood.


12 thoughts on “Fantasy-self clutter

  1. Well – I think it’s lovely. Though I can see the dilemma. I am at the point where my remaining household clutter includes not only ‘fantasy me’ items and even worse…items that fulfill my secret ‘fantasy Grandmother’ role (hopefully a long way off in the future!) I grappled with buying that exact set of Enid Blytons because it’s just what I imaging having in the house, to enjoy looking at and one day read to Grandchildren. You should enjoy them and buy a new bookcase for ‘fantasy’ purchases!

    • Now that’s a thought – start a grandmother collection. I might be closer than you but of course you never know! Think my family would freak if said I was collecting things for when they reproduce!

      Or I could have a childhood corner – with books and nick nacks like puzzles and things.

      • I have my ‘childhood corner’ (my ‘excuse’: the 10 year old’s remaining books and toys that I haven’t decluttered yet.)

        But I realised it was problematic when I consciously started adding a thing or two…

    • No worries. I type some funny things. Often when iPad corrects my mistake and makes something totally nonsensical.

      And I never really care about typos. I hate it when family say, “But you’re a teacher.” Oh, FFS.

      • I accidentally wrote ‘food fetish’ instead of ‘fooT fetish’ in a text this morning. Regrettably, it changed the meaning of the text drastically!

  2. LOL – I totally relate to your fantasy child self! I have my Cabbage Patch Doll “Agnes Shirley” (she has not be renamed as yet and yes I know her name off by heart and her date of birth!) that I always wanted as a child but did not get until my 30’s….. she sits, still in her original packaging unopened, on top of my walk in wardrobe where I get to see her everyday.

  3. My fantasy self quite likes cross stitch as well, though it’s probably been 5 years since the last time I worked on one.

    I like Fiona’s “grandmother collection” idea. My parents surprised me when I got engaged with the things they had saved for “someday” when their children got married, so I’m sure they’re saving things for “someday” grandchildren as well.

    • I thought more about Fiona’s suggestion and, besides my family being aghast at the thought I was planning on being a grandmother, I wouldn’t be honest. I want the things for me. Not to hide behind someone else. Also, there’s no telling if a future generation would fancy the same things as me, like alone an individual liking what I liked and saved.

      So, while I think your parents surprising you is wonderful, I’m owning my clutter collection.

  4. I too have a large collection of cross-stitch patterns and supplies which I haven’t used in over 15 years, but I continue to believe I’ll get back to it someday. I have a shelf of plays and poetry that was assigned reading in university. I actually read and liked them at the time, but insist on thinking I will re-read them someday. My worst folly is probably board games and building toys – I buy or receive as gifts “vintage reproduction” toys and games that I would have loved as a child, but largely sit unopened now, like a Spirograph kit and a big Meccano set! Finally, I wore a sun dress once in the past two years, but still stop look at them in department stores – now that is complete fantasy!

    • What is it with cross-stitch? You and Amanda and me have held onto them for years! What is its siren song?

      I love Spirograph and had one and bought a new set when my boys were little. Was disappointed they didn’t love it. Didn’t even like it!

      I always wanted an etch a sketch! And love I got a Cluedo board game which I always wanted too. I did have a board game package that had multiple games in it – loved that.

      Oh no. Can feel a calling to buy more clutter!

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