Archive | August 23, 2014


Apropos of nothing, I was not happy with how and where I stored my sunnies. Actually stored is the wong word. Kept, dumped, placed, lost are all more apt verbs.

The first two drawers of my bedroom chest of drawers are half sized. The top one is divided in three. I organise my bras in it but thought they would be perfect to store my sunglasses.

So mess and disorganisation being devil’s work, and ignoring the larger mess all around my house, I set about focusing on a smaller task. Collecting my sunnies from various hot spots*, squashing my bras into two sections, and putting my sunnies in the central section.

Ahhh! Feeling much better. Now I will be able to pick the right pair for the occasion and outfit.*

After such a long awaited housework task, I deserve a cup of tea.


*Not all my glasses have been collected. Will need to go on a hunt for the others.