Apropos of nothing, I was not happy with how and where I stored my sunnies. Actually stored is the wong word. Kept, dumped, placed, lost are all more apt verbs.

The first two drawers of my bedroom chest of drawers are half sized. The top one is divided in three. I organise my bras in it but thought they would be perfect to store my sunglasses.

So mess and disorganisation being devil’s work, and ignoring the larger mess all around my house, I set about focusing on a smaller task. Collecting my sunnies from various hot spots*, squashing my bras into two sections, and putting my sunnies in the central section.

Ahhh! Feeling much better. Now I will be able to pick the right pair for the occasion and outfit.*

After such a long awaited housework task, I deserve a cup of tea.


*Not all my glasses have been collected. Will need to go on a hunt for the others.

11 thoughts on “Sunnies

  1. Oh I feel so minimal in comparision – I have one pair I toss in my handbag. They were all of $7.50. The other $7.50 pair are in the top drawer in the hallway, should I need the ‘spare’/’new’ pair if I leave the first pair somewhere (work!). I also have a third 300yen ($3) pair, cause when I do toss the scratched up cheapies, it can be hard to find a pair as cheap to replace them, so two in stockpile. Usually the ‘black’ or ‘tortoise shell’ lacquer comes off after a while, so that’s another great reason to trash that pair.

    I wonder if expensive ones would last longer, but then I’m not good for storing them well, so it would be a waste of a name brand!

    • I don’t buy expensive glasses because I treat my glasses so poorly. But this will be the start of ensuring I put them away and don’t just toss them in my handbag with keys, pens, coins to scratch.

      I have multiple pairs of the same Cancer Council ones for driving. Bought because I do treat them badly and lose them, but can’t drive without them, so always need them to hand.

  2. Oh, your sunglasses are so cool! I can imagine you wearing them with your fashionable outfits. I wear prescription glasses, and I never wear sunglasses except when I’m driving. I think I am indoors too much! I can choose either custom clip-ons, or one giant pair that will go over.

    • I couldn’t do contacts. So glad I don’t need them. Couldn’t put something in my eyes.

      I would be disappointed if I couldn’t wear nice or cool sunnies. I need them here nearly all year round. In summer I have to wear my glasses when hanging out white washing. Too painful otherwise. Sunnies are like shoes. They can make an outfit totally different – hip or daggy changes with the shoes and sunnies.

  3. I’m glad you found a space to keep all of your sunglasses, and I like how they’re in your bedroom so you can match them to your outfit. Smart thinking!

    I just have one pair of sunglasses, but I have fun trying on crazy pairs every spring/summer when they’re available in stores again.

    • Sunnies are sold year round here. I need more pairs so I am never without them. Often I run around just before going out, trying to find a pair to wear. But now I have a place for them, maybe I won’t have to have so many. Except the fashion ones, of course. Need them for different outfits.

  4. You have very cool sunnies! It would feel very swish to have accessories all organised where you can find them when you’re going out. (As you can tell, mine are loose somewhere between the house/car!)

    • I keep a daggy, old pair in the car for emergencies, when I find I’ve left the house with a handbag that doesn’t have a pair in them.

      And I am somewhat embarrassed to say that these are not all my glasses. Others are like yours, somewhere between the house and car. And spread around the house.

  5. The advantage (?) of being old and decrepit is that I require expensive prescription sunglasses for driving that I must take great care of. One pair of sunnies for me.
    I do very much identify with the satisfaction of finding the perfect place for items that have previously been hanging about annoying me. I have just worked out that the large number of toilet rolls I bought on sale will fit in the cupboard under the hall stairs (aka Harry Potter’s bedroom). Small but significant victories:)

    • I would love to have an under-the-stairs cubby house with pillows and blankets to laze on and read in comfort. All snug.

      I now have reading glasses but I think it is less I am decrepit and more that they seem to be printing things in smaller fonts and with background colours that make it hard to read. I am sure they never used to do that and fonts were much larger.

      But really my extra glasses and like my millions of clothes and half a dozen umbrellas. I just love mixing it up.

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