Archive | August 30, 2014


What’s this?


Let’s look closer!


Yes, it is a magnolia budding.

Nooooo. I actually like winter. I’m not ready for spring. I like the cold and wet. The hibernating indoors. Being able to go for a walk without dying of heat exhaustion. Snuggling in bed and having no trouble getting to sleep.

Actually it is not just spring I’m not ready for. The whole year is going too quickly. I haven’t done I whole heap of things I have been meaning to do.

Remember my Year of the Garden? Well, it hasn’t gone too well. I was planning on getting a man in to work on the garden. (Officially I have three men in my household but getting them to do anything besides mow and edge the lawn is a pointless exercise.) However, due to unexpected expenses (ie a trip to England) that is off the books for another year or two, so I will struggle on trying to keep the triffids and privet and wandering jew at bay.