What’s this?


Let’s look closer!


Yes, it is a magnolia budding.

Nooooo. I actually like winter. I’m not ready for spring. I like the cold and wet. The hibernating indoors. Being able to go for a walk without dying of heat exhaustion. Snuggling in bed and having no trouble getting to sleep.

Actually it is not just spring I’m not ready for. The whole year is going too quickly. I haven’t done I whole heap of things I have been meaning to do.

Remember my Year of the Garden? Well, it hasn’t gone too well. I was planning on getting a man in to work on the garden. (Officially I have three men in my household but getting them to do anything besides mow and edge the lawn is a pointless exercise.) However, due to unexpected expenses (ie a trip to England) that is off the books for another year or two, so I will struggle on trying to keep the triffids and privet and wandering jew at bay.

9 thoughts on “Budding

  1. I love Magnolias’ budding! And I do like the cool walking to the station and work (but I do tend to overheat, then need to shed layers). It’s pretty mild at the moment, which I’m enjoying, but my feet still need a blanket on the sofa… I’m in two minds. I don’t want stinking hot, but I don’t quite like cold either 😉

  2. Lucinda, my blog roll doesn’t like updating your blog. I keep missing posts. Poo! But I am thrilled you are going to visit London. The Man is there tonight, he’s on the phone to the girls telling them he is about to catch the train somewhere for tedious meetings.
    I would go to St Mary’s Mead and visit Miss Marple:)
    All over Launceston the magnolias are starting to bloom. Love, love, love them.
    My favourite is on the way to the gym. A pale pink with perfectly matching pink camellias underneath, which cleverly flower just at the same time. Genius!

    • A long way to travel for a tedious meeting!

      I have the same problem about delayed or no notifications at all from WordPress about blogs on Blogger. I think WP and Blogger purposely do this – sabotage the different platforms.

      St Mary’s Mead? Of course. Failing going to an imaginary village, I am hoping/planning to visit a hotel used by Poirot in Devon!

      Love the matching of magnolias and camellias. (Shhhh, but one evening recently I “pruned” some endings off a camellia shrub that just happened to have the most beautiful blooms on them. It was night and the property is rental, and the the owners have mown all the other shrubs and flowers that their deceased father lovingly tendered. So I didn’t feel too bad. And might “rescue” some more blossoms.)

  3. Love, love the Sydney flowers! But when we lived there I didn’t enjoy the end of winter either. It’s like 3 seasons of warm and only a few months of respite. Different story in Melbourne, of course. Cannot wait for the cold to end now!

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