I hate upgrades

Tap! Tap!

Anyone still there.

I have been off-line. Some due to being off-grid but mostly due to bloody Apple.

Why the perennial upgrade with technology? I’m sure it is just because it’s the novelty of newness, and not necessary at all.

I resisted the upgrade of my iPad’s operating system for a long time but weakened recently as new apps “needed” the new system.


My iPad has not been the same. And I am not the same without it. Lost. Metaphorically and literally. Frustrated. Angry. Fucking angry.

So since the upgrade my iPad has repeatedly stopped working. In different ways.

Wouldn’t recognise my 3G. “No cellular data.” Rubbish.

And when I scroll pages on the InterWeb-thingie, they lag. So I have half a blank screen.

But wait. There’s more.

Sometimes the screen won’t respond to touch. So without touch, you can do nothing. Tap, tap, bloody TAP. Nothing.

And the old, “Have you tried turning it off and then back on” technique of Computer Repairs 101 doesn’t work as you can’t turn the bloody thing off.

So I waited until the battery ran down which when you do nothing lasts for days.

And of course, each of these things didn’t happen at the same time. My iPad would tease me. “Yay! It’s back,” I cheer. Only to curse a few minutes , or an hour, when the next thing goes. And the no typey thing has happened several times.

Fucking annoying.

At first I was just a little annoyed with the upgrade. I just want to do what I have always done. I don’t want to learn new things. Leave me alone, Apple.

If only it had stayed at that level. I would have learnt. I’m not a dinosaur. Yet.

As you can see the lack of upgrades on my walking and reading and general journey to health and gorgeousness, has not been due to any gross slackness on my behalf nor is my delayed commenting on other blogs a sign of moral turpitude.

What to do? I actually need my iPad for work. Diary and emails and stuff.

I don’t want a new one. Oh sob. This is all too much.


PS. While there are many photos in my iPad, WordPress app says I need to sign in and sync with iTunes to access my old photos, and only recent ones are available. But they’re there. I can see them on my iPad photo app. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.


13 thoughts on “I hate upgrades

  1. Not good, Lucinda!
    But you have confirmed my decision not to update my ipad to IOS 8. I’m guessing you have an ipad 2? Although it’s supposed to be OK for this, I had read reviews advising not to do it. I hope you’re posting your comments on the forums with all the other unhappy customers.
    Is it worth going to the apple store and jumping up and down?

    • Furrck. I just typed a rely and it crashed again!

      Yes, iPad 2. Son is asking why I upgraded and why I didn’t check with him first.

      Apparently Apple has a small window where they allowed reinstalling iOS7 but that’s gone. Anyway, I stupidly didn’t back up before Iupgraded. Never, not once. Banging head on table.

      I will go to the Apple Store and say how unhappy I am. They will smile sweetly. To work there they always have the latest thing and they work in a store. They sell things. So hanging on to old things is not only foreign to the youngsters but hardly in their employer’s financial interest.

      I have posted on a forum and already once person has thanked me. She was going to upgrade this long weekend but won’t now.

  2. Hello Lucinda
    Just noticed this while reading in Athens – thank you thank you thank you.
    I was going to upgrade while we had a good signal in this hotel BUT won’t do it now. Will wait until we’re back home in Melbourne at the end of the month ( well maybe won’t upgrade if my mini is going to go doolally-pip). Funny but The Golfer did the upgrade earlier and has had no problems at all – go figure!

  3. Oh, poor, poor poppet. This is a meta cyber-disaster. There is no fairness in the universe if the Apple bods responsible are not consigned to an inner circle of hell where the only technological aids available are a slide rule, the stub of a pencil (but no sharpener) and the backs of envelopes to write on. Huh, that’ll learn ’em.

    • Condemned to Slide-rules! Yes, that’ll learn ’em. (Luckily I escaped the slide rule teaching and got the new tangled algorithm tables. Now they just use calculators! I mean really!)

  4. Oh, that sucks! Apple must have a history of bad upgrades because even at work, we got an email from the IT Dept warning us not to upgrade because their upgrades are known to cause functioning issues and to take a long time to fix. I have two pieces of advice which you probably already know: they keep issuing “patches” whenever they mess up an upgrade, so you should install iOS 8.0.1, iOS 8.0.2, etc. until they get it right. And you can turn off an iPad completely: “Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your device until the red slider appears. Then drag the slider to turn your device completely off. After the device turns off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until you see the Apple logo.”

  5. The dreaded Update Disaster. I had one early on and you have my utmost sympathy. Apart from the lost time and productivity, there’s the possible lost data. I lost a whole heap of synced music in one catastrophic update. Never again. My rule of thumb now is ‘never update’ (such a Luddite.)

    I’ve been a bit off-grid this week just ‘dealing with things’…glad I will know not to add an OS Update to the mix!

    • Love the mantra: Never Update!

      And I am naughty in that I don’t back-up, even though I have been told off by many IT boffins and technicians. Will put it on today’s list of jobs.

    • It’s like an addiction. I remember what work was like pre-computer (surprisingly less complicated cause now we can do more “they” expect more). But we get used to the apparent ease and then we can’t do anything without our computer and when the computers fail we get all agitated and twitchy.

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