Step back into Steptember

With all my travelling and iPad difficulties and general busyness, I realise I haven’t updated you all on my Steptember.

Now I know you’ve all been waiting to cheer me on with my success but thought maybe I’d let this little goal slide (like the Year of the Garden) and you were all too polite to bring the topic up, lest I have to say, “Oh, I just couldn’t keep it up. Work. Stuff. Busyness. Life. You know!”

Well, don’t worry. I walked and walked and stepped and stepped.

I am actually quite chuffed with the steps I took. My target was 10,000 steps a day but would be very happy if I made it to 8,000. I made it to 10,000 steps on 12 out of the 30 days, and I broke 8,000 steps on 24 of the days. One day I was really sick and spent the day in bed. No prizes for guessing what day that was from the graph. My daily average was 9,745 steps. As this little graph shows, with my highest stepping day in a pop-out.


Cute graph, hey?

I didn’t monitor my sleep. Now, that would make you cry. And tell me to get some more.

Nearly half way through October, but I will share my goal for that month soon. (And I’m still stepping out!)

Yay for the Fitbit!!!

17 thoughts on “Step back into Steptember

  1. Congratulations! That is fantastic going. Are you getting in most of the 10K steps as part of ‘work busyness’ – or having to do extra walks to get the numbers up?

    We have become obsessed with our Purposeful Thing since I bought DH one for his birthday. The sleep tracking is just plain scary. I hardly ever get more than 6 hours no matter what time I go to bed. Working really hard to try and amp it up to 7-8 hours.

    • Oh it’s addictive and scary, isn’t it? Just what it reveals. My sleep is messy. Fixing it has been an ongoing journey for many years. Intellectually I know what I need to do about my sleep. Translating knowledge to action is the hard part. Modern life, huh!?!

  2. Well done with your walking. So pleased you are finding the Fitbit motivating. I love mine and find most weeks I average almost 10,000 steps a day, one week I did over 12,200! I love seeing how many floors I climbed. Most of the local walks I do involve steep slopes and staircases across the railway so that really bumps up my Floors total. Also I am an obsessive quilter and deliberately keep my ironing board downstairs and my sewing room is upstairs. Yesterday with my morning walking and afternoon sewing I clocked up 30 floors. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. I’m totally loving my Purposeful Thing. Personal challenge was to average 10,000 steps a day over a week and I am doing it reasonably easily. Although, there’s been the odd day when the siren call of the couch has been impossible to resist! But then I’ll follow it up and call the couch day “tapering”!

    • Oh that siren song! Calls me too. And my favourite spot in the house (my side of my bed) has a particular song on weekends. Now, tapering. That’s a concept I will have to tease out.

  4. You’ve definitely got me with the graphs! Such a sucker for them, and so it would seem are my bosses! I’m trying to work out the best graphs for all sorts of work data – sorta exciting, in a nerdy way. You’ve killed it on your informal target. I wonder if a ‘thing’ could make me walk more…? Or maybe try a phone app?

  5. Awesome! Well done keeping it up 🙂 I fell off the tracking wagon after forgoing the pedometer during our California trip and haven’t gotten back to it. (Still walking – just not as much as before, I’m sure.) Has increasing your steps helped your sleep any? I sleep so deeply after a lot of exercise.

  6. Eek! Excitement. Just found out that if you’re with Medibank Private and have Flybuys…(yes and yes) you get 20 points for every 10K step day when you sync it.

    I can’t believe I’ve finally found a reward programme where I can ‘win’! I’m doing 10K steps minimum every day because that’s how far I walk from one part of the campus to another in my regular class rounds.

    • Wow. 10,000 steps to walk around your work and not because you are choosing to make yourself walk extra.

      So here’s my idea for weekends or holidays:

      Strap the Fitbit to your dog (or neighbour’s if you don’t have one), throw a tennis ball and have dog fetch said ball. Repeat. 10,000 steps easy. Lots of Flybys!

      • Lol! I admit we have ‘cheated’ a few days and let the 10 yo wear it to school. He clocks up about 14,000 steps a day what with Recess, Lunch and ‘Active After Care’ (compulsory sport at after school care.)

        I’m thrilled though that my steps are consistently over the 10K. I thought teaching was relatively ‘sedentary’ but it’s really not.

    • Teaching is definitely not sedentary. Playground duty, walking around the class, walking to classes. Though I’ve seen plenty of teachers who minimise the movement and just sit at their desk and don’t walk, with speed, purpose or at all. There’s plenty of extremely overweight teachers. I didn’t walk much as a teacher-librarian because I was in the library the whole day and had no playground duty. I noticed the big difference in my current position with a decrease in movment. Hence the conscious effort to walk and to protect my back. Too much sitting is deadly.

      Brilliant how kids run around, isn’t it?

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