It’s Droptober again.

The never-ending challenge to be more healthy in a world awash with excess, with junk, with tempting morsels!

I like a challenge that is specific and time-limited. I don’t seem to do so well on the “just eat healthily and do exercise for the rest of your life” mode of being.

Although my Fit it is keeping me motivated, new month, time for a new challenge. OK, the month is just over half way through, but trust me, I’ve been doing this since October 1. (What is it about linking challenges to the calendar? Do you like starting them on a Monday or the first of the month too?)

Anyway last year I made up Droptober: dropping something unhealthy from the diet for a month. I broke the nexus between a cup of tea and having to have several bikkies. And I lost a couple of kilos. And I haven’t felt the need to eat a lot of bikkies since. I used to buy packets and packets every grocery shop. Now I might pop in one or two, but usually walk straight on past the biscuit shelves.

Droptober time again! I just read through my entries from last year. God, I impressed myself! I was not only more prolific, but I wrote some good shit.(Click on Droptober to the left and have a look, if you like.)

Opps, focus! What am I dropping this time?

1. Limit white bread. Swap toast for porridge Monday to Friday.
2. No biscuits. (OK this one won’t be too hard.)
3. No cakes or similar except for special occasions, such as birthday or dinner out. (This is hard as there’s always a morning tea for something or somebody!)
4. No sausage rolls. (We seem to have these too often for morning teas.)
5. No lollies or chocolates or sweets – except one small treat a day. (Mmmm, we always have chocolate and lollies in the house. A house of lolly and chocolate lovers. They fall out of all manner of hiding holes.)
6. No chips or Twisties or the like (except plain chips when on road trips as they stop me getting car sick.)

So, basically I am dropping the things with bad, processed fats and white flour and the things high in sugar – and in some cases, both!

How would you go on this challenge? Would it make much difference to your eating patterns.


8 thoughts on “It’s Droptober again.

  1. I’m afraid I would / will be / am incapable of saying ‘no’ to the school morning teas! It is very high on the will-power scale to be able to stare down little cakes and sausage rolls and abstain – especially in a room full of people saying, ‘C’mon – up you go!’

    The Droptober concept is great though. I need to drop my worst affliction at the moment…rounds of Saladas and cheese at night before bed!

    • Saladas and cheese. Too moorish! The difficulty is in having just one. So don’t start at all.

      I did weaken yesterday. Madly rushing at work. Plate of cut up cakes and plate of fruit pu in front at one loooong meeting. Mmmm? Choices. Cakes won. Really equalled half a lamination and about a third of an apple slice. Choice Aussie school canteen cakes!!!

    • Some fillings I only like on white bread and some on multigrain. Smoked salmon and cream cheese; eggs and lettuce; and jam all only go on white for me. The latter toasted.

      Afternoons are my salt craving times! And when having a glass of sparkling.

  2. I don’t normally eat white bread, rarely eat crisps (chips?), and never eat sausage rolls. However I do like the occasional biscuit,can’t resist a piece of cake and love my wine. But I am very weak willed too. Oh dear!

    • Funny how we use chips to mean crisps and hot chips but in context it never needs an explanation!

      I never buy sausage rolls. They just seem to turn up at school functions. I think because it is one of the few hot foods school canteens stock.

  3. Ooh, aren’t you being good! Go you! As you know, we quit sugar here, except for weekends. That is mostly how I am rolling, except for the occasional temptation. We have no interesting food in the house all week, because if it is in the house, we eat it of course. Somehow I am still alive on Friday, not having eaten chocolate all week. I would never have expected this would be possible…

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