I really like Christmas

Merry Christmas, friends.

Now is not the time to dissect why I haven’t been writing. I can bore you with the tedium and bustle that is my life another day.

Today, I am feeling good. It’s Christmas. I’ve always loved Christmas.

The weight of work is washed off. I have got lovely presents from my family. (Sipping tea from one of the gifts now.) And I am off to spend the day eating good stuff, drinking sparkling wine in the sun, cooling off in the pool, engaging in banter with the extended family on my husband’s side – our brother and sisters, and nephews and nieces and mother. A rollicking, loud, joyous (with a splash of snide comments) affair.

Enjoy this Tim Minchin video. I’ve bought the song. My son says only losers buy music from iTunes, but all proceeds go to Autism Australia if you buy it in the next few months.

Tim Minchin captures my feeling perfectly:

Thiis song must be played!



5 thoughts on “I really like Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Lucinda! Hope you had a wonderful day with ‘all of the above’ and of course, white wine in the sun 🙂 🎉🎅🎄🎁

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