NYE & NYD – with added sparkles

Mr S and I celebrated NYE with our own little party.

Before the party, we had a lovely dinner of Thai Beef salad with sweet soy Hokkien noodles with our boys and one boy’s girlfriend. (I will share the recipe in a future post if anyone would like.) Then the youngsters sodded off, to various parties, as youngsters do.

Thus the party of two commenced. And, as you will see, ensuring no entrance of whipper snappers was key to we oldies having fun.

I controlled the music, so we had a night of mainly Weddings, Parties, Anything; playing it very loud!

My back has been very bad again but it is amazing how alcohol frees it up and stops the pain. (That bottle of sparkling wine is for medicinal purposes, Doctor.) So we danced. And danced.

Perhaps not gracefully, but definitely with joyous abandonment. And without any worries that a group of young people would enter the house. (Our boys have frequent visitors and, while they are used to a certain eccentricity, the veneer of respectability must be maintained.)

And then we (avert your eyes if nudity offends) jumped in the pool, rudey-nudey style.

Such fun!

Turned on the TV to catch the fireworks. We both agreed you have to be there. But as we both hate crowds, agreed we were happy not to be there. And then Mr S made us a cup of tea. No way could we have had that if we were in the city!

Then The Duggars came on. Mr S had never heard of them before. And he never watches reality TV. He was shocked at the psycho innocence in the mother’s eyes. And the ridiculousness of the side hug. Ten minutes was enough for him, so he escaped to front porch to drink his cup of tea and watch our Christmas lights. And I stuffed myself full of marshmallows. I felt sick immediately but they feel so soft and sweet, I couldn’t stop.

It is the marshmallows I blame for feeling ill the next morning!

The celebrations continued with family on New Year’s Day. All up 11 people for lunch.

“No alcohol for me today. Thanks.”

“Think of your back! And hair of the dog is the best thing for a hangover.”

“Oh, OK, just one.” (Opps. One bottle later!)

With a conveyor belt of food, as is our way. Nibbles, cheese platter, potato salad, mixed salad, chicken kebabs, beef sausages, beef cutlets, pav, trifle, chocolates.

Our own Hogmanay!

Happy New Year everyone!



11 thoughts on “NYE & NYD – with added sparkles

  1. Happy New Year! We watched the Sydney fireworks on TV as well because let’s face it – Melbourne’s New Year pyrotechnics are not a patch on Sydney’s. Sydney was especially spectacular this year. We had 10 for dinner on NYE and I am still in recovery-mode 2 days later. Lol it has been many a long year since there was any NYE skinny-dipping here! Definitely hot enough for it though.

    • Great effort – 10 for dinner. I find it takes several days to tidy up after a do. I find bits of cutlery and special plates and other stuff everywhere.

      Hope the heatwave isn’t too bad!

      • I just found a series of platters hidden in the oven, among other cleaning up tasks still not done. Worth it, though!

    • Lol. I’ve used the oven to give extra bench space. All good, until you find the forgotten platters. Usually just when you think you’ve finished all the cleaning.

      Like putting Christmas decorstions away. Always find one escapee after the boxes are back on the high shelf.

  2. Love your description of how you spent NYE! We had a big family gathering, not watching the Sydney city fireworks which is our traditional thing, instead watching a smaller local display. But seeing in the new year with my siblings was very special, seeing as the last time would have been over 20 years ago when we all young and had no choice but to spend it together! Thanks for sharing your blog, this fellow SSer has enjoyed reading 🙂

  3. Happy New Year, Lucinda! Mr. G and I stayed home this year too – snuggled on the couch with some wine. A balmy -2° C here, haha!

    I’d definitely swim naked if I had a pool!

    • Seems we are both hibernating because of the weather. I’m inside during the day. Too hot outside.

      As to skinny dipping. Having a pool is not the only requirement. Having a home empty of 18 and 20 year olds is another. And that very rarely happens here.

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