More stuff?

I hit the Christmas sales. Yes, brought more stuff into my house. Not all necessary but lovely nonetheless.

I was only going in to buy a set of sheets for one of my sons, a backpack for our travels and a book for book club. But the first store I walked into was a handbag shop.

Look! How could I resist this?

Such a lovely shade of aqua. And so shiny. With a beautiful sparkly clasp. And the lining is so cute with handbags and shoes and hats and hat boxes. Makes me smile just looking at it.

Then I went looking for sandals. I always look for shoes because I have very particular needs and tastes so can rarely find what I want. No high heels, no ballet flats, no thong style, nothing beige, nothing that looks like it is “comfortable” and made for old ladies with cankles. What I want is something for everyday in summer. Not too blingy, not too boring.

No luck in a few shops.

Given it is sale time I went it my favourite department store, DJs, to find the sheets. No luck. Not much range for king single beds. And I am not paying hundreds of dollars.

While I’m in DJs, I might as well try on some heavily discounted clobber. So I tried on a heap of clothes. Ignoring the “only 4 items in the change room”, I must have been in there a while as someone knocked on my door a couple of times to check it was in use. Anyway, I decided to be strong and NOT buy clothes (as I had already ordered 6 items online from an English clothing company – mmmm, I know, I’ll share those later – and I am meant to be saving for our trips overseas).

But I didn’t resist this top, I mean just look at the sparkles! I had admired it previously but couldn’t justify the price. On sale it was OK.


Got two bags for travelling at an outdoors shop, Kathmandu, that always has sales. If you buy anything full price there, you’re mad. Just wait a week. They’ll be on sale. Anyway I needed a new backpack. And then I thought I’d like one that goes over the shoulder rather than a full backpack for London. Still want to carry my water bottle, snacks and purchases but not walk around with a backpack. Low and behold, Kathmandu had just such a bag. Perfect I thought. Lots of little sections for being organised. What do you think?


Anyway, I got home and found out the over the shoulder bag is a nappy bag! Oh well, it fits my purpose which definitely has nothing to do with nappies.

Found my book.


Struck silver (not gold, not quite what I had in mind, but still very happy) with these sandals. And look at the cute polka dot sunnies.


Visited the ABC Shop, as I had a $10 voucher and I always look out for full cast radio plays from the BBC. Not easy to get. Located one! Just one among the audio book readings. And another DVD for my back.


Being a bit weighed down from all my purchases, I visited one last shop for the sheets. Bingo. Got a nice set. And look! A beautiful cushion! So I bought two for my bed.


And then I toddled off home, to share my good luck and good taste with Mr S.

(And my beautiful online stuff? Four skirts, a top and a jacket from Boden. Gorgeous colours, so well made, so me! I showed a friend and she asked if my wardrobe was like the Tardis, ever-expanding. No! But I had a year off, remember? And some clothes, particularly skirts that are over 10 years old, are due to be retired. I just can’t face that yet and will wear them a few more times.) The new skirts are properly lined, with the lining being reversed hemmed.

Here’s the four skirts – two for summer, two winter.


19 thoughts on “More stuff?

  1. Oh my word, you did well! The question with your sandals would be: will you still seek out the perfect pair?’

    I’m sort of envious of your big, and joyful, shop. I can’t help feeling some guilt when I do a big shop (other than when it’s gifts, or overseas?!) and so I feel better to see you do it AND enjoy it! Despite having my own money, I still feel i need to justify things – perhaps it’s my outward discussions about minimalism? Or just a general disdain for clutter and storing stuff that’s never used?

    • I won’t “seek” the perfect pair, but if I happen to come across it, I will buy it, Sarah. As it is, I am unlikely to visit any shops for at least a week, and then unlikely to buy any clothes or shoes in NZ as they are too expensive over there. Then, when I am at work, I can go a term without going to a shopping centre. So not visiting shops may be one reason I never see the sandals I want?

      As to guilt, I don’t feel it. I don’t regret buying beautiful things that I will use and see. I do need to toss old clothes. That’s where I feel guilty. “But it’s still wearable.”

  2. Oh, lovely things! The sparkly top is my favorite. I always seem to find things for myself even when I go shopping with a specific item or person in mind. Funny how that goes!

    And I’ve heard many good things about Boden (never bought anything myself) – were you happy with the quality?

    • Mr S just smiled at the sparkly top. He knows I love them and have s sleeveless one that’s very similar.

      I’ve been very happy with Boden. Sizing can be variable. But that happens with most clothes. One style fits you, another is tight across the back. Though the skirts are all one style and even they are slightly different in sizing. What I love is the quality of finish, but even more is the beautiful colours and patterns. I get so many comments.

  3. Love your skirts! I only have a couple of them but I like just the kind you show here, short and unfussy. Great prints! I have never thought to find and listen to radio plays; only full-cast audio books, so I like that idea. Have you read John Marsden’s books before? Powerful and so dark! Finally I like your messenger bag no matter what its original purpose 🙂

    • BBC 4 do lots of radio plays. Not something that we, or our national broadcaster, seem to do. So I buy BBC ones when I can find them. Hope to stock up when I visit London. We have a box set of Dad’s Army and Poirot, and a couple of others. Plus some BBC panel word game shows. But I prefer the plays. I’ve borrowed some from the library but they stock more audio books which I just don’t like. I drift off and then can’t follow the story. I used to listen to the radio plays on BBC but as I couldn’t download them and they changed the platform, I stopped. Couldn’t invest the time. We do CDs on road trips.

      I find John Marsden’swork too dark. I read quite a few when I was a teacher-librarian. This is his first adult book and someone else in the book club picked it. So I’ll let you know how I go!

    • I can’t read Marsden – way too dark. I used to feel that I was not-literary-enough as a 13 yo because I didn’t want to read more than one or two of his books. It still surprises me a little that he has set up an independent school of his own near Melbourne that sounds very cool and different but *not* dystopian!

      • I agree. Too dark for me! But don’t you think his alternate school does spring from the dark view of mainstream society, so from the same source as his novels? Maybe?

  4. Love the apple green bag!
    I bought many bargains this year – lots of things I don’t need. I’m declaring these sales as “the Year of the Lipstick” – EstĂ©e Lauder lipgloss post Xmas pack of 6, Revlon gift packs. I’ve never owned so many in my life.
    Your cushions are also gorgeous. I love a bird print or two.
    And the sandals – woo hoo!

  5. I love seeing a good shopping trip. I need to get out and update my wardrobe but I always delay until I ‘lose weight’ (i.e. Never.) The handbag is gorgeous – understated yet stylish. I’m not a spangly top person myself by I love them on people who can wear them well. The skirts are gorgeous too – love the heaviness / quality of the fabric and the colours. Did any come as part of a suit? I would like to wear that kind of strappy shoe but I am once again waging the summer heel war.

    One thing that has helped me to ‘retire’ clothes is looking back on old photos and feeling a bit horrified to see me wearing the same dress 10 years ago. Nothing wrong with that really but it just makes me feel old!

    • The skirts don’t come as part of a suit. I probably wouldn’t buy them if they did. I try to avoid matchy-matchy. A cardie or a plain jacket will be my look.

      Great advice regarding retiring clothes – except I avoid photos of me!

      And as to The Great Heel War! I share it. I have ugly feet. With corns on two toes on each foot, and dry heels and all the sides of my feet. Regular, as in daily, upkeep is the answer. Unfortunately I do not follow my own advice.

  6. I’m jealous of the Sandals (I have a size 11 EEEE fitting foot so needless to say I can never buy shoes! lol)

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