Irritable Towel Syndrome

Why is it so hard to find a clean, unused beach towel in my place?

Why do the males in my household use all the beach towels so I can’t find a decent one to take to the beach?

I thought I had hidden some nice ones in the laundry but when I went looking for them, I fell over.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Bruised knee and wrist and still no towel.

Mr S, wit that he is, said I was suffering Irritable Towel Syndrome.


9 thoughts on “Irritable Towel Syndrome

    • I hardly use paper towel anymore. I now cut up old sheets and clothes, that would otherwise just go in the bin, ie not good enough to donate. Save on landfill and save on production of paper towel.

  1. Bf is ok with bath towel hanging, but many gym towels? Nope, continually delivered days after use the the laundry in a bundle with (of course) different toned work out clothes. Once I went on strike from dealing with them, til he had none of anything and had to DIY! Seriously, he soaks a towel, I would never imagine leaving a damp water towel in a bag for days. Cave men, I tell you!!

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