And tell me, if it’s still raining there in …


Yes, my friends, I’m here. And loving it. (And back on line, after working out the ways of new technology.) 

One Perfect Day has always been a favourite of mine. So hum along while you view my photos. (Or listen here first.)

Mr S and I love wandering around, looking at buildings. Not for us people watching. We like building watching. And we’re OD’ing.

Let me share some details. 

Holding buildings up. We’re staying in a very similar block of flats. Second floor. Verandah with balcony. (Or do you call that the first floor and the one below the ground floor?)

Pastels at Notting Hill. 

This glorious detail actually answers the question. Not raining. Sunny. Beautiful weather for wandering. 

Look up, or you’ll miss things. 

Side street off main thoroughfare (Piccadilly), and the buildings are not prettified. Years of grime, leaving all blackened. 

And some doorways and arches. 

This one has a bit of the Palace of Westminster poking over the top. (We were in an inner garden of the Abbey. A quiet calm amidst tourist crowds.)


7 thoughts on “And tell me, if it’s still raining there in …

  1. England!!! Wait – weren’t we just talking about Ned Kelly 😉

    Oh how gorgeous – it makes me want to go straight back, straight away. Hope you and Mr Sans have an amazing time. How long are you away?

    (Can’t get the song out of my head, now – will be on the playlist going to work this morning!)

  2. Oh I am sure you are in your element! I always look up wherever I am, because in most cities above the modern renovated shops you find architectural wonders of years past. In our town there is a multistorey car park, and if you park on the fourth level you come face to face with a gallery of Greek gods and goddesses carved into the corbels between the windows of the Victorian building opposite.

    Hope you continue to have a marvellous, magical holiday xx

    • Of course there’s a name. And of course a fellow word lover taught me. Corbels. I will say it mentally a hundred times this morning and when out today will impress Mr S by saying, “Look at that unique corbel.”

    • Ah, the song was an old one. My god, it mentions a telegram. Don’t think anyone under 40 knows what they are! A cover has recently been released in Oz. Will have to listen if the young thing says telegram.

  3. I hadn’t heard the song either (though I do know what a telegram is!).

    Everything looks lovely (especially those pastel houses and the dragon). Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves and the building watching 🙂

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