Shadows we are

The monuments and memorials of the kings and queens may last. Not so for most of us.

A reminder from the sundial in the Pump Court of the Middle Temple:

A walk beyond the busyness of St. Paul’s cathedral finds a little park, Postman’s Park. Once one of the largest burial grounds in London, tomb stones are stacked around the edge of the park, emblematic of the sun dial’s message. 

I borrowed an interesting book for my trip to London. Walking London by Richard James. Following the tracks around back streets of London took us to areas of surprising peace amid the noise and conjestion of the tourists and business of London. I know I’d probably be the last person walking around with an actual guide book in my hand, as opposed to a digital version, but this little gem has taken us off the regular track and pointed out things we might not have noticed or known the story behind.



7 thoughts on “Shadows we are

  1. Mum was saying last night she preferred our time in Portland to SF, and I largely think it was due to doing more ‘off the beaten’ track things – to quirky boutiques or eateries that had attracted me to the city in the first place. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time I travel with her – she was a great sport about our little adventures, and it seems it’s paid off, so much so, she’d go BACK to Portland!!

    • Away from the crowds, interesting little finds. They make a trip, although I’ve been impressed by the big things too. Your mother obviously enjoyed your trip together!

  2. London is such a wonderful, fantastic city to walk. Every few steps there is something awe-inspiring and intriguing and interesting.

    How intriguing to find tombstones around the park (and that beautiful sundial!)

    • The sun dial was high up on a wall. There was another couple who thanked me as they wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t been pointing up. Unless you knew, you wouldn’t see it.

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