My recumbent effigy

I have found the effigy to represent me on death. 

Besides being a representation of my favourite, and common, position – languidly reclining with a book – I love how this man seems to be saying, “Death? Yes! What? Sorry. Too busy reading.”

To be remembered in perpetuity as a reader. What an admirable goal. 

(And to the curious. Who is he? No idea. He is a copy in the Cast Room at the V&A. A gem among many gems.)


6 thoughts on “My recumbent effigy

  1. Dearest Lucinda, that is the most perfect thing I have ever seen:) I am so glad you are showing us all the real highlights of London.

    I especially like how he seems to be floating on top of the bath. I do hope he is spending all of eternity in the bath with a good book.

    Keep up the wonderful guided tour xx

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