Parks and Recreation

Over 25% of London is parks. And my shoe leather attests to our walking through much of it. 

As does the record of my steps taken. I left my Fitbit at home as my phone counts steps and wither my iPhone go-eth, went I. 


The day we walked 24 kilometres we traversed Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park. Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park are really one big park. You can walk the four parks in an almost continuous stretch. 

People watching. Dog watching. Bulbs and blossoms. Old majestic trees budding fresh green shoots. Sculptures. Ducks and other fowls. People having fun. The contrast between nature, ordered though it may be, old and new building sets up lovely sights. 

Daffodils outside Kensington Palace

Dog using a fountain as intended in Kensington Gardens

A courtyard garden in central London

Garden in remains of church damaged in Blitz with St Paul’s in skyline

And a few snaps of the garden in the square of our street. 

spring garden bed



Newly sprouting bulb

Why do we have nothing like it? Make sure you get out and about in London. We were about a 15 minute walk to Kensington Gardens. 

Maps like this one at Bayswater are everywhere showing how far to walk

Our last day was spent in Regents Park.  My only regret is that we are not staying a few more weeks. All the following shots are from Regents Park.

If it were not for possums my magnolia would look like this.


Willows are graceful. so sad they have had ti be removed for causing so much river damage in Australia




Run, squirrel, run. And they do really carry nuts in their mouths.


One white swan guarding his sleeping mate.


No idea what this is besides cute.




Black swans, far from home, making a nest for spring breeding

* Mr S suggested the release of some possums would be good pay back for all the species introduced to Australia that caused so much damage and would put paid to the gardens. Possums would have a feast here. All those fresh shoots! Without any predators! The Kiwis know what happens. But as I said to Mr S, we don’t have to be jealous and it is not a competition. 


9 thoughts on “Parks and Recreation

  1. Yesss! We did Kensington, Hyde and St James’s Park (but caught a bus leg in the Middle…I’m sure we didn’t do 24km, but we must have still done a decent stretch.)

    I just loved walking London. It’s a city made to be walked. Like you, we came back lamenting our postage-stamp-sized parks (in comparison to London.)

    What a great trip!

    • As well as the parks, it’s made for walking because it is quite flat. And there’s always something to look at, just one more corner you want to peer around, one more courtyard to investigate.

      You did well walking so much with your son. Mine would have objected.

  2. Hmmm, we have parks like this in Launceston. Though probably slightly smaller than those you have been strolling through. We will have such fun strolling through our parks together in January:) It may be slightly warmer than London in March. Maybe.

    Did you see Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens?

    • Didn’t see Peter Pan but saw other ones.

      I will enjoy walking with you, and smelling the flowers. Mr S will be happy too: that I have a parks and gardens companion. He will get to escape to a pub. He did get a bit restless when I wanted to see just one more garden bed. And then just this one. And, over here.

    • It didn’t feel like 24 until right at the end when my feet were aching.

      Formal gardens are living artworks. And clearly involve so many hours of work. I don’t know if they don’t do as well in Sydney and we tend to have wild native gardens or shrubbery because of the heat and water usage or because councils won’t pay for the labour.

  3. Love this! So much green already (way too early for green here). And the flowers! Beautiful 🙂 We take time to visit parks if possible when we visit cities too – it’s nice to have a bit of nature after being surrounded by pavement and buildings.

    I think that big bird might be a relative of the heron? It looks similar.

    • Funny how I think all the northern hemisphere, except Canada, should be getting spring at the same time. But I’ve just looked up your latitude and compared it with London. Yeah, you quite a bit further north. And your weather at the moment!!! Says it is -1°C!!! Ow, that’s cold. Didn’t even get down below zero when we were in London.

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