London Bridge is falling down?

Not this one:


As I am sure my dear reader know, this is Tower Bridge, right next to the Tower of London. (And you can probably guess that is not my photo. Too clear. But the rest will be my photos. I promise.)

As part of our visit to many things of import, we went to the exhibit which includes the high level walkways and the Victorian engine rooms that controlled the opening of the roadway. 

The walkway was built to allow pedestrians to cross when the bridge was open. Now it’s a money-spinning, tourist attraction with a great view and glass floor so you can look at the road and river below. With this and St Paul’s, why would you bother going in the Eye?

me stepping onto the glass walkway

Some facts


View down (?) the river


View of the city


Its iconic shape, makes for a stunning outline at night. 



The engine room was very interesting. The size and ingenuity was impressive. 

Put this on your list!


10 thoughts on “London Bridge is falling down?

  1. The last time I went to the Tower of London I would be about 12 years old! I really must go to London as a sightseeing tourist rather than for work. Like Dar I would have loved to see the Poppies. Not sure I could have done the glass walkway!

    • I think it is great to be a sightseer in your own country. We have staycations and act as tourists in our own city. You might not be as blown away as we were by the Tower as you live in the midst of such history. For us, castles don’t exist and very old is 150 years.

    • I couldn’t do the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk but this was easy. Just a little panel in the floor, a couple of meters long. And you are effectively enclosed in a building. Easy!

  2. 42m up on a glass walkway?! Eiii-yikes! I’m not sure how I’d go!

    I had no idea you could see the engine rooms. I’d love that part – “next time”!

    (I hope all these posts are tagged ‘London, travel’ so I can find them again when “next time” comes!)

    • All tagged. I bin the list of things to do in London is never ending.

      And walking over the glass is easy cause there’s no horizon or something, my husband told me. Something sciency.

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