London at night

Let’s start with what we don’t do. We don’t go to night clubs. 

Also most nights we were so buggered (see here) I crashed on the lounge and was often asleep when Mr S brought me my evening cuppa. 

But we did walk around at night (yes, more walking). We walked around Soho several times. It was pumping. Though most of the pubs were too crowded for me. I can’t stand after walking so much and for $10 a beer, I want a seat!

We walked over Tower Bridge and had a couple of drinks at Butler’s Wharf. 

Tower Bridge


Looking down at the Tower of London

We walked down to look at the lights from another bridge over the Thames. 

Me and my halo

We went to a few local pubs. The good, the OK and the pompous. We went to find one pub, revered online as the last true boozer and not a gastropub. Wouldn’t you know it! Closed for renos so they can serve “good pub food”. Leaving that, we stumbled on a friendly pub on Portobello Road, The Duke of Wellington. Not hard to find pubs – they’re everywhere – but they’re not all friendly. Or clean. One we went to on Portobello Road stunk of old, musty soft furnishing. 

The Cow, which was our closest, at Notting Hill, has lots of positive reviews and was often packed. What makes a thing in? I found The Cow only OK, actually bit pompous and unfriendly. (I might have been happy if I’d seen Tom Cruise and David Beckham who dropped by for a pint last year.)

We had a couple of cocktails at the Savoy. Yes, overpriced. If it was just for cocktails. But you are paying for the experience. The sumptuous setting. Lovely service. (And as is the case for why most places charge more: a barrier to keep out the great unwashed and riff-raff.) One drink was a piece of theatre; accompanied by a rose in a vase with dry ice – providing some London fog which was handy seeing as we mostly had clear weather and had no fog. 


A night at the theatre and  a few nights out for dinner, and that was about it. 


4 thoughts on “London at night

  1. I definitely appreciate a seat when I’m drinking (also helpful if I’m a bit hungry and the drink goes to my head quickly). The rose in dry ice is very cool!

  2. Love your pix! Also not a clubber, but love to go out for concerts, theatre or nice meals at night, as long as the Tube is still running! (We often stay slightly out of town and rely on public transport at the end of the night). I wouldn’t say this on my blog for Rom to read, but I can say it here, Rom is a non-drinker and I actually miss going out for drinks. Not just the alcohol but the pubs and bars, the buildings, their history, the joviality (if not the really wretched drunkenness).

    • Don’t know what it’d be like to be with a non-drinker. Hate wretched or excessive drunkeness. But do like to be tipsy, or merrily drunk. And, like you, enjoy the joyiality and bonhomie of English pubs.

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