Look up

When walking out and about in London, don’t forget to look up. Otherwise you’ll miss some strange and intriguing sights. I know it can be hard as one is always attempting to dodge crowds (people in Lindon walk on any side of the footpath and ignore traffic lights), to not trip on uneven paving and guttering and to avoid stepping in dog poo. Still, pause. And look up. 

A symbol of the business or a folly? High above the Royal Exchange building, a golden grasshopper speared on the spike.  (“Research” tells me the grasshopper is the crest above the coat of arms of the fellow who had the Royal Exchange built.)

Golden galleon atop a weather vane on Trinity House, Tower Hill. This building houses a Mariners’ Guild which looks after lighthouses.  

 Fancy brickwork chimneys. 


Crown on a turret. As befits a royal palace. 


Crown on a street lamp. Outside another royal palace. (Maybe the security and road blocks are not subtle enough an indicator?)


Facade for a row of terraces.  

Such a big row of terraces, and up so high, it’s hard to get them all in. 


Strange beasties. 







Holding buildings up or apart.  


Art work in a shopping arcade.  


St George slaying the dragon. At Windsor Castle. 


No one misses this one – Eros in Piccadilly. Strange that tourists crowd around it, selfie sticks waving, when the statue is disappointingly small and there are other grander and more interesting statues. 




10 thoughts on “Look up

  1. I like the regal crowns on the gas Lamps. My husband is Scottish and they have their own crest with the words ‘late but in earnest’ in latin beneath. I thought I might have one done to put above our doorway like the queen!

  2. Very cool and very observant!

    The ‘large’ size pictures didn’t load for me on iPad (as in they show only a huge zoomed-in segment of sky or roof rather than re-sizing to be viewable.)

    The only reason I mention that is…I’m wondering do my pics do that when I use ‘large’? I post lots of my images as ‘large’ not ‘medium’ as per the WordPress template.

    • Just flicked through your blog to check because I never noticed an issue with images before. No probs. but maybe you should tell me which photos are large? And sorry, normally size the photos to medium. Just resized these ones if you can be bothered looking again. (And where did all your new entries come from? Holiday mojo?)

      • The images all work perfectly now (gorgeous sights!) I wonder if the template. Thanks for checking mine – my ‘large’ ones seem to go the full-width of the template but ‘medium’ is about half that. Yes – holidays – no running out the door by 7am (bliss!!)

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