Strange markings

“What’s that on that statue coming up? Looks like ancient writing or a code like for the Masons or something.”


“Looks like the Plimsoll Line to me.”

“Ah, it is the Plimsoll Line.”



No prizes for which speaker was me and which was Mr S. 


6 thoughts on “Strange markings

  1. Not being of a Mr Sans science-y background, I had to google ‘Plimsoll Line.’

    I love that something like that would be completely common-sense knowledge for some people (not me!)

    I would have totally gone with “ancient runes!”

    • Yes, funny what people know. I knew about the Plimsol Line but thought it was an imaginary line on a boat. Not a symbol. And then others have not even heard of Plimsoll. But then sandshoes are also known as plimsolls.

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