Things I’ve learnt – TV

To end my posts on my trip to London, I have a series of things I learnt. First up, TV. 

I watch a lot of British TV at home. We must get the best of British TV, cause most of what I saw in England was shit. 

I can’t believe the number of quiz shows!!! The Million Pound Drop. The Chase. The Tilt. 

Soaps and quizzes – is that how they sedate the masses?

I struggled to find the wonderful drama pieces we get from the UK.

And my belief was confirmed that most breakfast panel TV is shit the world over. Same format in England, in Australia, NZ, the U.S. Same crap stories. Same forced laugh. “Oh how funny.” As they slap their thighs. And rock backwards. 

Hate it. (I know I’m not their audience but morning TV is the pits.) 


6 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt – TV

  1. Cannot stand morning TV! Love your description. I honestly cannot remember watching a single thing on television in England or Ireland.

    But I remember my son and husband were transfixed by the ‘Million Euro Drop’ or something one night in France. Not even the novelty of it being in French could induce me to watch it. Mr D and mini-D thought it was hilarious, seeing the same game-show clichés, the build-up, the exhilaration / humiliation and the prize winning lunacy – but all in French. They were barracking at the TV for ‘Pierre’ or ‘Gaston’ or whoever like typical raucous Aussies.

    It must be the same crap TV no matter where you go! Gogglebox, on the other hand? That show is pure genius. Love it!

  2. Also hate morning, and day time, TV! Well occasionally I liked Jerry Springer, cause he was smart and his sum up at the end was often right on point but not offensive. I digress.

    Right, so I just read the comments – did I miss the ‘thing’ that is Gogglebox? Totally didn’t get the snippets I watched in Perth. But I did enjoy Nat Geo – there is one about metal salvegers (so?), who naturally make coin, but at times, spend heaps for no good return. I also saw about animals (less my thing), but I did watch a subtitled story on Louis VIX and his marriage and mistress. Really interesting, I didn’t know much about him as I thought I did.

    With the US, I once used a favourite (rubbishy) TV show to guide me to see more parts of NYC – to see the ‘school’ for Gossip Girl and the ‘hotel’. It really got me seeing more of town than the listed attractions.

    • I love the honesty of the Gogglebox watchers. And how you get to know them. It’s the closest I can get to vox populi. Hate talk back radio but perversely, love this show.

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