Things I’ve learnt – money conversion 


Simple. Just don’t mentally convert when buying something. Think the pound symbol is the dollar symbol. 

See, nearly everything is double what we pay in Australia. Oh sure, some food stuffs are the same. My favourite French jam. £2.49. Yep, I pay $4.99. So works out the same. Loaf of bread £1.49. Yep, fine at $3. 

But other goods. Whoa there!

That small mug of hot chocolate. £3.50? Really? $7? For one!

That underarm deodorant at £3 is not worth $6. I only pay $3.90 at home. 

Those pair of boots (nice as they are) at £295, I would never pay $600 for. 

Entry into St Paul’s. £17? Ok I could get £2 off for buying online. But $32. Each!!

Tiny souvenir at £2.99 looks OK in comparison to everything else but that converts to $6. For something made crap from China. (Yes, everything the world over comes from China.)

And most of all don’t convert when eating out. 

Just don’t convert. Think of that pound symbol as a dollar symbol. 

Fantastic. $7 for two hot chocolates. Great. $3 for toiletries. Spot on. $17 to visit St Paul’s, well they do have to maintain the cathedral. 

Definitely don’t convert for eating out. Or you’ll faint. 


10 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt – money conversion 

  1. This is amusing, cause of course in Thailand, things are generally cheaper. Well, until you have a cocktail and think 1000THB is $20 not the $40 it is closer to!! Ah it’s all well, either is a good price for a large tote handbag (with removable branding from the ubiquitous MK). But the other thing happens too – you get so USED to cheap, you stop being OK with more ‘normal’ prices in Australia!!

    • US dollar generally does better than us poor Aussies. So when you travel you’ll be fine. Though you’ll probably get a shock with food prices from what I’ve heard about eating out in the US.

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