Things I’ve learnt – cold weather 

I quite like it. 

But this is not really new. Knew this in NZ. 

And cold seems mostly in the mind. The 13° in London felt quite warm while back home the 16° felt like zero and I didn’t want to get out of bed. Maybe less the mind and more wearing the right clothes? 

Though I think people In London overdressed. Mr S and I were in a shirt and winter coat, sweltering in the Tube, and all around us were Michelin men and women with oversized  scarves. How they weren’t fainting, I don’t know. 

Actually, for me, I think it’s less about liking cold weather and more about not liking hot weather. 35° and humid can be hard to take. 

Wonder how I’ll like Tassie in the summer?

Maybe it’s the place for retirement?


9 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt – cold weather 

  1. Tassie is the only place for us, climate wise and otherwise. We don’t like to tell everybody but we have the most perfect temperate climate, not as cold and wet as most people think. I barely ever wear a coat except on clear frosty nights and mornings. Hobart has less rain than most Australian capitals too, contrary to popular belief. We’ll be visiting the UK in summer and from the research I’ve done it’ll be slightly cooler than summer here, so I should just be able to take my regular summer clothing plus some light layers and an umbrella. Don’t wait for retirement or you’ll miss all the fun.

  2. Ooh…Tassie is pretty cold! I spent my teenage years on the North-West coast near Cradle Mountain. With Aussie houses not really designed for cold we really felt it in the winter. I’m not a fan of humidity either. Melbourne is warmer than Tassie in winter and has far less humidity than Sydney. Come here!!!

    • And admit that Melbourne is better than Sydney? Never!

      Has any Sydneysider done this?

      I’ve been to Melbourne once. It was stinking hot. Over 40°. I nearly died. Anyway I couldn’t handled the hook turns, or whatever they’re called. They freaked me out c

  3. I enjoy the cold too (as long as I’m dressed for it! I despise fire exit practice at work in January). The best is sleeping with the window cracked and that delightful chilly air coming in across my face.

    • When we go down the snow, I love sleeping with the heating off and the window ajar. I have to do it surreptitiously as Mr S doesn’t agree. Except strangely enough, he sleeps well enough when I do it. He only complains when he knows.

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