Things I’ve learnt – beds

Double beds seem to be the norm in England. Whereas in Australia queen is the norm. And I have a king size bed. 

It is hard downsizing bed size, whilst sharing. 

I slept on the lounge for most of the night, most nights. But then I do that at home! 

Be warned if you’re visiting England as a couple. You’ll get close!



11 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt – beds

  1. This drove me batty. Mr D is 6 ft 3 and not lightly built. We can’t fit in a double bed! Queen’s OK but we have a King at home. We booked all our hotels based on bed size.

  2. We like cosy over here – gets us through the cold British winters LOL! In the majority of our smaller houses here we would not fit anything other than a double bed in the room. It is strange when we stay in a hotel with Kingsize bed I feel like I am sleeping alone!

    • When we upsized from a queen to a king, I did feel that we were so far apart, and like I was visiting when I went to my husband’s side of the bed. I wished we’d got the king earlier because my kids used to come into our bed but it was squashy in a queen. I don’t suppose that could happen much in a double?

  3. Depends where you are staying. Many hotels have king sized beds, as do we at home. Queen sized beds are not a British thing at all, singles, doubles or king size.

  4. It’s true about the double being king in GB and Europe. Can be a nuisance if one of travellers is a snorer ( or a heavy breather lol). Like you I’ve spent time on the couch or even the floor if there’s not been enough room!

    • And Mr S is both but I really hated that I felt like I was rolling into him all night. I’d say get on your side. But he was and he had no room to move. I just got too hot in bed.

  5. It is hard to go back to the smaller size! Double beds are common when we go for a cheaper/older hotel but Americans do love things as large as possible, so king size is also common.

    Mr. G and I used to sleep in a double bed because that was just the size I had growing up and we couldn’t afford a new bed frame and mattress. When we did buy our own bed, we went with a queen and moved the double into our guest room. I remember all that space feeling luxurious at first, but we’ve gotten used to it now. We can both really stretch out when we stay in a hotel with a king’s size!

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