Good bye London

I think I’m all blogged out. I’ve sucked the marrow out if my trip. The new term has commenced and, as regular readers will know, my postings will slow, if not go into hibernation for a while as work sucks the marrow out of me. 

I will leave you with some random photos of things I liked and  things I found strange. 

Off Portobello Road

Florist on Portobello Road

I never realised how big the V2 rockets were.  

V2 rocket in the Science Museum


Tiny house in Windor-Eton

 I get where they are and why they’ve been important in history. I don’t get why the Dardanelles are in a round ball of stone. 

At Windsor Castle


While this sign may be confronting, it might actually work. Never seen one like this in Australia.  

Sign on way out of London


Is there anymore “typical” Lindon photo than this one? A grand building, a green square and a bank of red buses.  

View from front top seat of bus, just leaving Victoria

Well this one comes close with all the black cabs.  

In garden near our flat

I was so excited to see a robin.  And he/she sung her heart out, in a blossom tree in a church garden. Gorgeous. 

St Stephen’s church, Westbourne

I like that things are kept, even if they are no use. Layers of people’s lives. 

In The City


The machine in the next photo was amazing. The lid is lifted, you lie down fully clothed and the lid is shut. Warm water is sprayed at high pressure with different rhythms. A sealed plastic sheets saves you from getting wet. The noise is calming, much like white noise and you forget you’re in the middle of a shopping centre. Next best thing to a real massage. 



Hampton Court garden pot

Talking to an astronaut at the Science Museum

 I kept telling Mr S, this is what our magnolia tree would look like if it wasn’t for possums.  


Beautiful blossums


Shabby chic at Notting Hill


All class. A cheeky supermarket red! 

When too much gilt is never enough.  On royal carriages at Buckingham Palace, of course.   

Australian made. We like to put this on everything made in Australia.

Top of a royal carriage

Trains on the Circle Line were one long carriage. When going around a bend, it was like an optical illusion, disappearing in repetition. Loved the clarity of sound and signs telling you which line you’re on and which station is next.   

Some think this building is beautiful. I think it the Lloyds Tower is ugly. I didn’t like the inside out Pompidou building in Paris either.  Your view? 


I much prefer the symmetry and elegance of the old structures with decorative features, like lamp posts. Utilitarian, I’m not. 



A last look back as we shut the door on our flat. Good bye number 24.  



6 thoughts on “Good bye London

  1. What an amazing trip. I’ve loved all the posts and the armchair travel.

    Bon courage for the task ahead this term.

  2. I enjoyed your trip almost as much as you! In fact I have still a few posts to go back and read so perhaps it is a good thing you will be slowing down a bit with the posting so I can keep up.
    I love all your photos even without the captions you would know it was London – I haven’t seen the Lloyd tower in real life so cannot comment but I do like all the elegant and ornate structures even though I like plain and simple lines normally.

    • Which one? Tell me which one? And why. Maybe I can work out why after you tell me which one. Well at least I’ll come up with some interesting theories. But either way I want to know which sign attracted your attention.

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