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Look at this

My friends know that I notice things. Details. Things around me. 

Once slicing mushrooms for dinner I was hosting for friends, one slice of mushroom was the perfect mushroom cross section. The Platonic mushroom, if you will. I didn’t put it in the dinner. I saved it to show my friends. One friend thought that was so “me”. Apparently she thought it unusual and a defining feature of me – to not just throw the mushrooms into the pot but notice the beauty in something everyday. 

Well how could I miss this today?

Actually let me set the scene first. Driving at 90km early this afternoon on way from a network meeting, on a perfect spring day (except it is meant to be winter. Bloody hell it was warm. Bodes ill for summer. Damn that fossil fuel consumption and global warming. But I digress.) The sky was a rich blue. Not a cloud in the sky. Except this one:

It was an arch of fairy floss. A parachute of cotton wool. The ends were pointing down to the ground. 

I had to stop in the emergency stopping lane and take a photo. Glad I did because up ahead where I knew there was parking, the perspective or angle didn’t give the same image. 

It was really huge. And strange. I’ve never seen anything like it. Makes no sense. But then I’m not a meteorologist, let alone a nepholologist. (But I might become a nepholographer.) 

Ah! Worthy of another shot. 

[And to my fellow blogging friends, please don’t think me selfish or a taker. I will visit and catch up on my comments on your blogs soon. So if you’re thinking, “I’m not commenting on Lucinda’s cause she hasn’t commented on my blog and it’s her turn,” be kind. I’m coming.]

I, I am alive

Running to the corner, running very fast. Running to the corner, getting here at last. Running very quickly, I’m hot, hot, hot. 

Hie ho, dear friends. Thank you Jo and Dar for checking in on me.

I am continuing to try to get fit, decluttering, lose weight, plan a better life, have a more gorgeous home. You know just be healthy and organised and a better me. 

Still travelling, reading, working. Will be back to track my and encourage others in being greenish and organised. And will tempt you with stories of my travels and reading. 

[Edited to ad: blogging is like my tax. Get on a roll of not doing it and it becomes harder to start. Also feel guilty not reading and commenting on blogs of others. I promise myself I will catch up on others and then do a post myself. But so it goes. ..]

 Still trying to get a better sleep pattern. But it’s mighty hard when there’s books to read and shit to watch on TV.