Archive | August 6, 2015


I went shopping for Mr S’s birthday present earlier in the year. And, while I planned not to spend much prior to our trip to London, who can resist a 50% off sign, right?

So I bought myself some bed linen.

Yes, for myself. There is no way I could give it to Mr S as a birthday present and ever hear the end of it. 

Mr S doesn’t get pillows and cushions as decorations so they’ve been moving in slowly. Started with just the two little cushions. But in my latest purchase we had a full frontal offensive with two European pillows, two normal ones and the little log one, all just for show!

I have to admit a younger me couldn’t see much point in extra pillows either. Not that I don’t use and lie against the pillows now when reading or resting but most of them are not used at night. Actually I would have seen them as excess, not extra. The extra coming into play in the making of the bed. Why create extra work? Not that I made my bed regularly. Now I make it religiously. And I don’t find putting on the pillows a chore. 

My bedroom is like a little oasis. A peaceful, beautiful place for me. And it gives me joy. I try to keep on top of clutter and “resting” clothes. 

So how many pillows is enough and how many is too many?  How many do you have on your bed? Do they all get used?