Use it up 

I’m on a new challenge. This one is around cosmetics. 


Some of my stuff in regular use

I seem to accumulate hand creams (which I hardly use so where do they from?); body lotions and oils; facial products to cleanse and tone and moisturise; lip sticks and glosses (which enter the house faster than anyone can possibly use them); eye shadows; eye liners; concealers; samples of shampoos and conditioners.  

Everyone seems to be doing the Kon Marie decluttering bug. Apparently you bring all the things of the same together. If I was doing this with my cosmetic challenge I’d dig everything out from the bathroom cabinet, from the shelves in my cupboards, behind my jumpers, in my chest of drawers, my bedside table and the boxes and bags I have around the place. Oh and the lippies hiding in various hand bags. 

And then what?

A lady at work said to toss them. 

No way! How unfrugal and environmentally unsound! Maybe I’m a tight-arse. OK, I am a tight-arse. But I can’t bear the thought of the money spent and the resources used in transporting and manufacturing all the lotions and potions. 

So I’m on a mission. 

Not to buy any products until I have used up my exisiting products. 

I’m also including samples and “free gift with purchase”. Of which I have too many. The teeny tiny perfume. The lip gloss samples. The sachets of creams. 


Hey! At least they are kinda containerised.

Since I started tracking June 30th I haven’t bought anything, though I have been tempted!  

The goals: 

  • to declutter, 
  • to minimise waste, 
  • to have my beauty products fit in the bathroom 

Let’s see how I go. 

My name is Lucinda and I love, I am addicted to buying beauty products and sweet smelling things and things in lovely packaging. 


Bought with matching soaps and another container of body wash. Bought only for the Art Deco look of the containers. Not the products!



15 thoughts on “Use it up 

  1. Oh my gosh yes! Since getting on he devluteering train about 4 years ago, I’ve been mindful of this. I’ve found the lotions and creams seem to come from gifts – and teachers get loads of ‘whatever’ gifts from students who feel they must give something but seldom with a considered knowledge of what would suit. I’ve curbed my strong desire to reuse hotel minis. But still I have a few moisturisers to use up. And deodorants.

    Wholeheartedly supporting you

  2. I am always getting body wash, body spray, and body lotion gift sets, which I like, but I use them up so slowly because of the scent-free policy at work! So on weekends I am kitted up with scented stuff from head to toe! I have so many extras that I keep extra jars of body lotion by my bedside and slather it on before going to sleep.

  3. I’m ‘allergic’ (or intolerant) to so many lotions and potions that I can’t use up the inevitable teacher gifts. They make my skin break out in rashes and my face itch and my eyes water. So I do accumulate them, unused, and I re-gift to friends without guilt.

    I still seem to have a lot of allergen-free brands though and they get grottier by the day under the bathroom sink! A great decluttering project, I need to do another burst in my bathroom, too.

  4. Lucinda, you are a star! But you already know that. You went the year without new clothes, so of course you can do this too. I have been doing the same thing for a while. I haven’t bought any creams in ages because I have a deal with my sister-in-law that she always gives me local (to her) moisturisers for my birthday. Because I love to slather. I am also using up Rosy’s old ballet make up now she has quit. I have the eye liner pencils down to stubs and must start looking for another nice one..

  5. I mainly get the minis to reuse their bottles – the previous bottles weren’t ‘squeezy’ enough so replaced by other freebies. but yes, generally horrid rubbish inside!

  6. I love this idea, Lucinda! I’m pretty good about using up soap and shampoo, but my lotion bottles overrun everything else. The problem is it’s a popular present that I rarely use . . I need to get serious about regifting or returning all of them!

  7. I’m using up the things. I even backed away from the Clarins counter when they had their last GWP (I struggle to resist a gift with purchase) because I only needed ONE thing and couldn’t really justify that one thing because I have two samples of that one thing. So, I bought no things. This is a bit of a first. I have a basket full of wee samples of this and that, and Clarins does do good sample. I’m currently using up some face cream instead of buying another. I don’t tend to get nice smelling things for gifts, I think because I come from a minimalist non-gifty family, and I’m allergic to all the things, I get the odd hand cream at Christmas and that’s about it.

    And after I did a cupboard inventory, I realised that I don’t need to buy mouthwash for at least a year and I was probably pretty right for cling wrap and garbage bags; not to mention serviettes, body wash and manly deodorant. Ahem.

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