Archive | August 10, 2015

 Out with boxes

I face a dilemma with boxes.

What should I do with boxes? Fancy boxes. 

I buy stuff, nice stuff, like candles and cosmetics and fancy stuff that comes in lovely boxes. I keep the boxes thinking I will re-use them to wrap gifts. And sometimes I do. 

Oh, OK. Occasionally I do. 

But I feel it is a waste putting them in the cardboard recycling.

But is it?

Help me!

My simple living forum friends gave me some suggestion. 

Tao, suggested using them to gift to grandies and the like so they could put all the things kids collect in them. This comment came through just as I had a friend over who said exactly the same thing, except she said nieces. So they could put hair clips and the like in them. Too funny.

Friend and I were laughing as I showed my friend some of my boxes. Friend talked me into putting a smaller subset of the ones I showed her into the recycling bin, because frankly my nieces would smile with a forced smile and think why on earth I am giving them the boxes. And some of the boxes are not really usable sizes.

Two of the boxes I loved. As I pulled them out of the cupboard, my fiend correctly guessed they were packaging from mugs. Damn! But they are so pretty.

Anyway the lids went into the recycling. (Not the bases mind. That was a step too far.)

Friend pointed out the success to Mr S before I had time to stop her. She didn’t realise he is as bad as me in keeping things, probably worse, and Mr S said the boxes were too nice to recycle. 

A big box that held cosmetics also went into the recycling. I kept it because it was the perfect size to post things to family interstate. But who posts packages now given the cost of postage? Better to buy something online and have it directly delivered.

But look! The bases of the mug boxes have been put to good use. Holding gift ribbons and bows in one place. Not spread around the house when I find some ribbon, placed for safe keeping awaiting future use, in a drawer, on a book shelf, on a sideboard, I can pop them in the new set place. So I know where they are when I need them. 

Box lovers, do you too have the slight feeling of pang in my chest (anxiety? guilt?) I got from putting two lids and one box into the recycling!