Out with the boxes again

Here’s a rule to dispose of excess boxes: those that have writing on them get thrown out. This courtesy of another friend on simple living forum. 

Boxes that indicate what they once held or have a brand name, either on the top, the barcode, the bottom, get thrown it out, no matter how small or inconspicuously it says it…the box goes.

See I love how solid and well-made these boxes are. So much better than bought gift boxes. Part of my plan was to cover the boxes in lovely paper. Or at least to cover up the labels with a sticker or picture cut out. And use them to pack gifts. 

In my forum discussion, I added that while I don’t have time now, when I retired I would. My friend countered that covering boxes is not really my great retirement dream. And the clincher: if I do think I am going to cover boxes then I should probably be looking at what I could be better be doing with my time before dying.

But as the wonderful simple living friend also pointed out  I am not going to cover them adequately. No matter how much or how good quality glue I use, the paper will lift. 


If you have too many boxes then you need a delineation point. Writing is that point.

Top and base have writing so out with both.

4 thoughts on “Out with the boxes again

  1. Sounds like a good rule to me – though I’m neurotic enough that I WOULD spend a rainy or bored say pasting said paper on boxes. But then I still soak my stamps!

    But dang that box is very covered in images, so, yep, toss that. Should you end up at UNiqlo, their Christmas boxes are pretty un-decorated for reuse. Sorry I’m enabling you!

  2. I can live with that rule (Unless of course, the box has a discreet and slightly fancy logo. Also, I kept my birthday watch box because even though it fails on so many levels, it’s got hidden compartments!)

  3. Haha…laughing at Sarah’s ‘enabling’! I’m sorry but you have to go back to the forum and ask them if iPhone boxes are an exception the rule.

    I know I’m carping on a point, but there’s no way I’m throwing out my iPhone box on a technicality.

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