Use it up Update 2

Going well here. 

More advice and thoughts for those who are on a use it up challenge. 

1. Actually use your products. 

No point in having products if they aren’t used. I’ve written about my ghastly feet before. The problem could be largely solved if I moisturised and exfoliated. 

I’ve been taking my makeup off and doing a good job of cleansing my face every night since starting this challenge. I should take similar care with my feet.  

Does anyone else get impatient when getting near to the bottom of a container of end of a product?

We have all these little sample tubes of toothpaste that we were given in “gift bags” from our dentist over several visits. I was saving them for trips away but we have more than needed and Mr S only uses one brand and it’s not the brand promoted by the dentist. So have decided to use them up at home. 


Mini toothpastes and floss from our dentist

2. Be patient. 
The last bit of a product seems to go on forever!

I’m like, “Come on!” And the product is like, all slow and taking its time and looking at me to be patient.

I’m not going to waste product just to get rid of the container. 

I cut containers or tip them upside down and use every last bit. 

You’d be surprised at how much product is left in a container – and not just pump packs. Containers that sit with the hole on the bottom still have heaps stuck to the sides and the product consciously avoids the hole, escaping death by use. 


Cut the tube in half and squeeze the bottom half so it fits in the top to seal


See! Sealed.


3. Don’t keep empty containers. 

Fancy tubs and boxes are another of my weaknesses. 

I WILL toss my tubs and boxes. [She says in an attempt to convince herself.]

No point decluttering and reducing a stash to have the stash be the same size, just with empty containers! Still takes up the same size. Which brings me to my concurrent challenge: decluttering boxes. More on this tomorrow. 


Some more products tucked away in a cupboard. Note the box! After taking this photos, I put this in the recycling and blogged about it recently.



5 thoughts on “Use it up Update 2

  1. I have loads of the same kind of floss from the dentist. Then they told me it wasn’t very good and recommended another product! I also get impatient using up the last of things but, like you, I do cut open containers and use them up completely. Even though I am eager to buy something new already!

  2. My dentist also loves to give samples – I appreciate the toothbrushes because that means I only have to buy 2 per year. We do keep one mini toothpaste tube on hand for trips, but otherwise I try to use the it as soon as possible because they’re so tiny they seem to get lost in the bottom of the drawer.

    I also like to cut open the containers and use it to the last drop. Makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth!

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